Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunday AND Monday off? Happy 4th of July to me!

Breakfast! I soaked these goji overnight in some water.

I forgot that I had this juice in the fridge. Perfecto! I picked the plump gojis out and dropped them in some juice.

Ok, maybe I am late on this one but for all those of you that don't know, Starbucks makes soy strawberries & cream now!!!!! It is so yummy too! I asked the lady at the register, "Are you suuuuure there is NO dairy in this? And she said, "No, only soy." Yippy Hurray!
I know this is not a huge deal to everyone else, but I just had to share it. My broccoli is finally sprouting a tiny little flower with broccoli on it!
My Thai basil is doing amazingly well. This rain has really helped all my plants these last few days.
My squash has buds on it too now!

My yummy lunch of avocado, veganese, nutritional yeast and fresh dill. My absolute favorite sandwich!
Here was my dinner of pasta and a mojito...or two.

Basil Coconut Tofu

3/4 can coconut milk
Large handful of Thai sweet basil, chopped
1/2 block of tofu, chopped
2 Tbsp Earth Balance butter
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 Tbsp green onion, chopped
Zest of one lemon
Pohnpei pepper (regular is fine)
Sea salt
Handful of crimini mushrooms, chopped

Saute garlic and mushrooms. Add remaining ingredients and cook on medium for about 5 minutes until warm and flavorful. Eat with cooked pasta or cooked rice.

And this my friends is why everyone needs to spay and neuter their dogs, cats and rabbits.

We get animals like this every day here. Two kittens were found as strays outside someones home. We rescued two and one did not make it. This girl was COVERED in fleas and mites, filthy, horrible conjunctivitis in her eyes, upper respiratory infection, and literally skin and bones. This picture was actually after she got a bath.
This is her now! She is doing so much better, thriving! Her name is Keaka which basically
means "survivor" in Hawaiian. Please pray she finds a loving forever home.


  1. I have off Sunday & Monday too- yay!! Enjoy the holiday. I'm glad to hear that one kitten is doing well, she looks adorable!

  2. Keaka is adorable! Sometimes kittens get homes more quickly than older animals, so I hope she does find a home soon.

    I'm gardening too, for the first time this year. Your plants are looking great! Have a good holiday.

  3. Wow! The sauce is coconut milk & butter? Didn't you add any flour? It looks so thick! You eat good over there!

  4. Sweet kitty...she'll get loved for sure.
    Im glad you're proud of your garden, you absolutely should be. Growing your own nourishment is extremely satisfying.
    Happy 4th!

  5. Jenna- I hope you enjoy your days off too!

    Jessica- Good luck on your garden! What are you growing?

  6. Shen- yes it's coconut milk and earth balance. I was fully planning on adding either flour or arrowroot but I didn't need to! The coconut milk is so thick on it's own. Just be sure to add regular coconut milk, not light.
    Crooked Moon- I hope Keaka finds a great home too. I love gardening now! I just started this year. Are you growing anything?

  7. Happy 4th of July to you.

    I enjoyed peeking at the greens growing in your garden, esp you Thai basil. I wish I could smell it too.

  8. Hi, Carissa! Thanks for popping over to my blog and introducing yourself. I'm going to make a link for you in my margin when I'm done commenting here. You've got a great blog. It's nice to see another Christian vegan. You mean you can love God and animals too? Gasp! Anyhow, Hawaii must have great weather and soil for plants - your garden looks great. My broccoli flowered and flowered some more and then had miniscule florets. I think it's fabulous that you've founded a shelter - you're doing great work there. What a blessing to run into you. :-)

  9. The avocado sandwich looks delicious, I'll have to try that when I remember to get some dill.

    The first kitty picture was so sad but keep up the wonderful, wonderful work and thanks for the comment on my blog!

  10. Mangocheeks- Happy 4th! I am glad that you enjoy looking at my garden, as sad as it is :) I will be spending my holiday at home with my dog because he is scared of fireworks.

    Blessedmama- Yes! You can love God & animals!!! It's nice to meet you also :) Thanks for checking my blog out too! I have a feeling that my broccoli is going to be tiny like yours too. Please stay in touch :)

    Foodfeud- It is my favorite sandwich. So yummy! I like that and then of course the classic daiya grilled cheese...mmmmmm. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

  11. You are doing such good work in animal rescue...keep it up!

  12. Stacy- Thanks so much! It's hard work, but overall, I love it :)

  13. Hi Carissa, first I am also as enthusiastic about the soy-blends at Starbucks as you! Super yay! What a heartbreak bout those kittens :( they are lucky to have you to help them find forever homes - people really need to be more responsible. Happy 4th!

  14. Keaka is precious poor little fairy...she looks much more comfortable post bath. I hope she finds the loving forever home she deserves. I think her luck has changed now that she's found her way to your shelter.

    Your veggies look, all that Thai Basil! What a luxury!

    I'm going to be taking some avocado and nutritional yeast sandwiches to work next week...thanks for the idea. And that tofu sounds delicious too!

    Happy 4th...enjoy your extra day off!

  15. Amanda- Good to find another enthusiast! Yay! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am doing my best to find her a good forever home. She has a great foster home right now, so she is safe for the time being.

    Rose- Isn't she a doll?
    I love that thai basil. I could eat it every day! I am starting to grow some purple basil now. Can't wait for that one! Purple pesto, can you imagine? Happy 4th to you too!

  16. I will stay in touch - you can count on it. :-)

  17. Amanda- I know! I was so happy when they came out with the soy blends! I do love my black iced coffee, but it always makes me happy when places add more vegan things to their menus.

    Rose- I am sure Keaka will find a loving forever home. I am so picky about who adopts through me :) I LOVE basil especially Thai. Happy 4th to you too!

    Blessedmama- Awesome! I will as well.

  18. Keaka is so beautiful...hope she finds a loving home.

    As usual, everything looks so yummy here:) You garden looks great, too!


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