Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random pictures while moving

It has been super rainy over here so yesterday I broke out of my rut and ordered a hot coffee! I normally never drink hot coffee, only iced. It's just too hot here to drink anything hot. I ordered my drink that I normally only order during Thanksgiving or Christmas time. I got a Venti Soy Toffee Nut Late.
I stopped by the health food store Down to Earth last night and picked this up. I am so bummed because I used to love buying the Synergy brand of kombucha, but I guess they had to take it off the shelves in Hawaii. The reason being that the amount of time it take the Synergy to get here, it is fermenting more and more therefore making the alcohol content higher and higher. So I am not positive, but I think that we will not get it again unless it is sold as alcohol. How sad huh? So I am trying this Vibranz brand today. It is ok. Pretty mild flavor and doesn't taste very fermented at all to me.
This was leftover Thai food that I ate for dinner with my Japanese rice since my rice cooker is already packed.

I just discovered these little gems and hello! Why did no one ever tell me about these before! Totally vegan chocolate bars with no hydrogenated oil!

I just wanted to share my favorite necklace with you guys. My husband bought it for me last Christmas and I thought I had lost it. You find all kinds of stuff while moving! It says his name in the middle Fudge and then my babies around his, Rahj, Panther, Sonic, Nano, Koko, and Noggin. This was before I had my guinea pigs :)

Just sitting on the beach looking at my Hawaii. I will miss the sand and ocean.
~Good night~
PS: What fast food restaurants have vegan options where you live? I need to know for when I get to Omaha.


  1. I really really really want to try one of those mahalo bars--haven't seen 'em up here in Canada, though.

    You know, I really never eat fast food since going vegan--not because I'm "above it" but because I just don't know what the options are. Maybe Taco Bell, hold the cheese?

    I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: moving is the 9th circle of hell, and you have my sympathies. Hang in there!

  2. Stacy- Haha, thanks girl. I do have taco bell every once in a while without cheese, but I don't know what else really. Burger King's onion rings and fries are vegan though!

  3. Your hair is so long an gorgeous! I hope those chocolates are good, what a find.

    For food, how about Chipotle? They make burritos and keep the meat and veggies separate, the wraps are vegan, and there is no meat in the rice or beans (which happens a lot with Mexican-style rice and beans). This is one of my favorites and I see they are in Omaha!

    Another place I eat sometimes is Noodles and Company. I also see that they are in Omaha. Almost all their dishes are vegetarian (you choose to add meat or tofu) and many of them are also vegan. It's easy to tell which don't have dairy, or you can ask. I like the Japanese Pan Noodles.

    I don't do a whole lot of fast food, but those are two places I go sometimes. I know you'll need some quick and easy food when you are first moving in...

  4. Carissa,

    There was some uproar surrounding kombucha on the mainland too. I don't drink it so I didn't pay much attention. But I think it was the same alcohol issue.

    I have no idea about fast food, sorry. But we try to find healthfood stores and juice bars when we are on the road. That seems to work well. Also ethic restaurants are a great choice. Oddly steak houses since to always have great salad bars. There is always the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday if nothing else works. They are fairly easy to find.

    Good luck with your move, sounds like you are making lots of progress,

  5. Oh how I miss Kombucha. So much! The necklace is lovely.

  6. It's a funny conincidence, for me anyway, I just got home from Whole Foods where I bought some the Vibranz Kombucha, I opened it started drinking some...just as I was going online and now I see it on your blog. I usually buy the Synergy brand too; it was good to see this kind back on the shelves.

    Your necklace is so adorable; what a lovely gift.

    The only fast foody place I ever go to is Taco del Mar...they make your burrito to order, all the beans are vegetarian.

    It's hard leaving a place that you know as home and love...but I'm sure Nebraska holds some adventure for you and hopefully will be a exciting new phase of your life.

  7. Hope it doesn't take you too long to settle into your new home Carissa.

    Your necklace is so adorable, and I'm so glad you found it. Your hair so long and beautiful. I cut my hair a little while ago and miss it, though it hasn't been as long as yours for a long, long time.

    Its interesting to see the vegan options you have where you are, the U.K is so far behind.

  8. Love the necklace! What a cool gift..I'm so glad that it wasn't forever lost!

    I don't do fast food much anymore. But when I do, we usually end up stopping by taco bell. We have stopped at Arby's too. Of course I just had to order a salad with out the meat and cheese.

    Oh, Ive never had Kombocha. Omaha will be a big change from Hawaii that's for sure, but hopefully you will settle in soon and love it!

  9. I hadn't heard about the fermentation issue with Synergy's kombucha, but that's really interesting. And I've been wanting to try the Buccaneer and Jokerz bars for so long...I just found out that a store in town recently began carrying them, so I'll have to keep that in mind for the next time I feel like a candy splurge.

    I don't eat much fast-food, but when I do, it typically consists of vegetarian Chipotle burrito bowls without the cheese and sour cream, or salads with various omissions. Hopefully you'll have more options in Omaha...on that note, I hope the move goes well. :)

  10. Yes, those candybars are amazing. I have only had the bucaneer and the red packaged ones that taste like Snickers - that's my favorite one.

    Your hair IS long and gorgeous. My 3 year old's hair, believe it or not, is almost like that. It's not as thick as yours, but it's almost to her rear.

    We don't eat fast food, either. Since I live in Arkansas, our choices are as limited as I'm sure yours will be. We just stop into Whole Foods for a quick bite - or stop and get a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie, which fills me up. The only other places we even eat out at are this one Indian place and PF Chang's. And there's one Mexican restaurant we will go to about once a year.

    I love your necklace, too. I just got a necklace with "my babies" names on it last week! My husband was a little pouty that I didn't get his name on it; I'll have to add it on. :)

  11. Jessica- Aw thank you! And I am excited about trying Chipotle!

    Ali- You really should try kombucha! The health benefits are great! I really hope that they put the Synergy brand back out soon :( Thanks for the advice too! It's hard because my husband and brother aren't vegan or vegetarian and are pretty much the opposite of me. So they are going to want to try out all the "new" fast food places I know already.

    Shen- Thanks chica! I love kombucha also.

    Rose- How did you like the Vibranz? I agree that taco places are the easiest for fast food choices usually.

    Mangocheeks- I always liked long hair but I am also a wimp and scared to ever cut it :) What kind of options does the UK have?

    Michelle- I used to work right next to a vegetarian deli so I didn't have to worry about finding a place to eat. I wish they were everywhere . I am excited and nervous about the change but I am sure it will all work out for the better!

    Tiffany- The candy bars are so yummy! I really like the Mahalo bar! It's just like Almond Joy which used to be my favorite!

    Jenny- I haven't tried the red one yet! I love Indian, but my husband hates it, so I only get to go by myself. You'll have to show me what your necklace looks like :)

  12. i know right(about the candy bars) when i first saw them on the internet i thought it was just an idea that somebody had...then i saw Shenendoah vegan eating one on her blog....i went crazy!so crazy that i think i scared her into sending me some of her stash lol. they taste exactly the same! even my husband loved them:)



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