Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preparing for my baby girl...

This was my baby shirt, that will soon be my baby's baby shirt.

Cloth diaper changing station

Homemade wipe solution and cloth wipes

Water kefir, kombucha, two types of baby oil and vanilla extract

Development - third trimester 

Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

Oh my goodness, it has been almost a month since I have been on here! So sorry everyone. It's almost Christmas too??!! Well, just to quickly update you all, I am 7 months and 1 week pregnant today. It's going by faster and faster! I am so nervous about my home birth, but I know that everything will be fine if I just trust God :) Down to business...

The Himalayan Salt Shop was kind enough to send me a salt lamp to review for them. I have had this lamp since November 5th, and I just love it! A few facts about these salt lamps:

  • These salt lamps are made from crystal salt mined from underground the Himalayan Mountains.
  • They naturally emit negative ions into the air. 
  • These negative ions bond with positive ions (which are air pollutants) and neutralize them. 
  • Negative ions combate electo-smog put off my our electronic devices at home.
  • There has also been cases where these salt lamps have helps with asthma, allergies & other illnesses.
  • And lastly, aren't they just so pretty?
I was very curious to see how this salt lamp would work in my home once I got it. I turn it on whenever we are home (which for me is almost all day). The hotter you allow the lamp to get, the better it is for purifying the air! My husband is a preschool director and he is around sick kids and germs all day. My mom & brother also work at school and they are at my house almost every day. This made me worried when I got pregnant and moved home to Hawaii, because I am REALLY trying not to get sick while pregnant. I get sick easily. Since having this salt lamp, there has been no sickness in my house! Now, I am not saying that for sure this lamp will keep everyone in your house sickness free all the time. I am just saying, so far, so good!  There have been days when I was out with my mom all day (and she has been sick a lot lately) and come home with a sore throat. Right when I got home, I turned on the salt lamp and sat near it in my living room for a few hours then went to bed. When I woke up, no more sore throat! I haven't gotten sick yet and neither has my husband who has also come home with sore throats!

It lights up so pretty at night time. My cats seem to like it too. They jump up on the shelf where I have it and just sit by it and they never would jump up there before that! I am very happy to have this for the baby room after I give birth as well. I plan on getting at least one more for our house at some point. You can see some of their beautiful lamps for sale HERE. I know I am a little late but these would be great Christmas presents! The owner Ernest is very helpful if you email him he will answer any questions you have! They also have a Facebook & Twitter!  Please check them out! They have everything from himalayan salt candle holders, to lamps, baht salts and salt inhalers! 

Merry almost Christmas everyone!!!
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