Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

At least today is Saturday though! That means I just have to work half day, and I have no SCARShelter trips that I need to make after I get off work here. Hurray!

Muesli for breakfast again. I took a picture this time before I mixed everything together.

1 cup organic uncooked oats

1 cup coconut milk

1 Tbsp organic hemp protein

2 Tbsp shredded coconut

2 Tbsp chia

1/4 cup organic raisins

1 Tbsp cinnamon

Drizzle of organic honey

Questions for all you vegans out there. What are your thoughts on honey? Should we or should we not eat it? Since becoming a vegan, I never ate honey until my vegetarian friend sent me some in the mail. She said it was from a lady who had a small business there and the honey was organic. I don't agree with bee factory farming as I don't agree with factory farming for any other type of animal. From what I have researched online, I learned that in most large bee businesses that they kill the queen bee every two years. The normal lifespan of a queen bee can be up to 5 years. I read all of this HERE. I don't know. I think that if their are so many different sweeteners out there, then we should probably use those. What do you guys think?

Moving is my bennings tint squash flowering nicely in the rain and my Manoa lettuce is loving this rain.

Am I obsessed with my plants? Maybe. I love these beautiful bright flowers coming out of my squash plant!

Sonic just chilling outside watching me water my plants. I think he has just woke up in this picture.


  1. Is that soy coconut milk I see???! Its the best non dairy milk I've ever tasted!!!!! I can't find it here though. On honey, though, thats something I'm on the fence about. But, I know its a loaded topic. Alot of people wouldn't consider someone vegan if they eat honey. For me though, its not the same thing as other animal products. I don't use it, but my reaction between accidentally finding honey in my food or milk would be very different.

  2. I can't speak to the honey issue either. I agree w/Jessica, a couple times since being vegan I've noticed honey in the ingredients after buying a product and I still ate it. I want to have my own hive, not for the honey but for the pollination, but am afraid a bear would tear it down.

  3. Jess- Yes! Don't you love that coconut milk! It's great. I'm still on the fence about honey too.

    Shen- I think that would be ok to have your own beehive, because then you would be in charge of the treatment of them and they would be well taken care of, but then does that mean that you would own your own cow or chickens for eggs and milk? I always used to want a dairy cow as a pet. I don't know though. I am about to go into a whole long thing, so I will cut myself off and see what other people have to say first.

  4. I think honey is one of those things that can go either way. I spent a bit of time talking to a local bee keeper and feel his stuff is okay. From a nutritional perspective I would pick honey over most over sweeteners.

    Handsome boy, BTW.


  5. Hey Ali- Thanks, I love my big boy :) I have always heard of all the different nutritional value of honey. Personally, I feel like it depends on where it comes from, like you said. If the bees are being treated well. Thanks for the comment!

  6. I'm not only vegan because of the cruelty issue (although that's first); all of it also totally grosses me out, including honey. However, I agree - if I found out honey was in bread I ate or whatever, I wouldn't feel like throwing up in the same way as if it was milk. If there was a dessert sitting out with honey in it, I wouldn't tell my kids not to eat it. I wouldn't knowingly eat it, though. Oh, and I actually did buy bread with honey once because I was trying to go gluten free for a couple of weeks - and it was too tempting having vegan bread in the house. And my husband is about 90% vegan 10% vegetarian, and I don't think honey bothers him at all.

  7. P.S. Are you going to eat that squash blossom? :) I just saw a delicious looking vegan recipe for them the other day, and I was thinking about looking for some.

  8. When you think about how endangered bees are, maybe having a hive wouldn't be so bad?!?

  9. Jenny & Stacy- thanks for your thoughts on honey:) Jenny, can I have that recipe? I might just want to use it! Stacy, you have a point there. I suppose it would be no different than keeping a sheep as a pet and sheering him or her for wool right? So long as the bees were kept in good living conditions and not suffering in any way :)

  10. Interesting links and posts. When I was vegan (which I am only vegetarian now) I always ate honey but I didn't really know enough about the process to make an informed choice. If you're already used to living without it and happy to, then keep that going. But manuka honey is also a really wonderful natural remedy and we swear by it in this house instead of giving in to using antibiotics too early. Just a thought. xo m.

  11. Ecomilf- good to know about that manuka honey! Never heard of it! Have you purchased it at regular health food stores or only online?

  12. I don't consider honey vegan at all. To me veganism is about avoiding animal products as much as possible. Honey was the last thing I gave up because I had some of the same questions. There are many reasons. But the most simple (for me) is that bees make honey for themselves. There are sweetener alternatives and if we can keep from using animals in the process, I believe it's best. There are some good quotes out there, but one I found on Wikipedia: Vegan Action asserts that "animals are not ours to use," and I guess that sums it up for me. If you can help an animal out, I'm all for it. But when there are alternatives for things out there without making use of an animal as a resource I think it is best.

  13. Cassie- Thanks for your comment! I think you are right that if you are a vegan, then no honey. This is the first time I have eaten honey since becoming a vegan, because my friend sent me some in the mail. It is from a small farm who has a tiny business and I believe they only sell to the farmers market people. I was really hesitant on eating it at all, since I have not been, but I decided to just use it so that it would not go to waste. Once it's out, I do not think I will buy honey again. I use agave all the time, and I am fine with that :)

  14. Carissa,
    I can definitely understand that! I struggled with the honey thing for awhile. And for a time I struggled with eating certain items if they were available for free. It seems to me that it's a life long process. You make this huge decision and then have to figure out what it means it means to your life and how far you want to go. I always feel like I could be doing more and researching more the products that I support. But things like that can't just happen all at once. When we switched to mostly organic products it opened up a whole other world to me. There were these products I considered vegan, but were they really worth supporting if they were harming our world. really bring something out in me. I keep leaving you these lengthy responses,..


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