Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to!

So this past week was my birthday. I have reached the age of 23. Miraculous! Thanks to my Lord & Savior! So he look me to Thai Villiage in Waipahu. It was our first time there. There was absolutely no one inside so it was great service! I order a thai tea (which I just recently discovered that I love), pad thai noodles, & garlic tofu. It was awesome!
Great Garlic, Coconut, Fried Tofu

Tasty pad thai

Yummy thai tea!

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us all rejoice and be glad in it! Today was a very long day. I drove to work today, and tried my best to get their early enough so that I could grab some coffee before work. So, I walked into Starbucks and there was a long line of course. I stood in line and decided to get something different this time. I normally get the venti iced soy caramel machiatto. This time I tried the pumpkin spiced frappuccino. I hated it. Which was weird since I nomally really like pumpkin things. I got into work 3 minutes late. Worked until five o'clock, then got off. Went home to make some amoxicillin mixture for one of the foster kitten's named 
Sarabi. Then I drove out to Schofield to pick up an abandoned dog. It is just so sad to me that 
someone would just abandon their pet! This dog was a sweetheart! She looked like a husky/
australian shepard mix to me. She had one light blue eye and one dark brown eye. I will post pictures
when I get some good ones. So after I picked up Whitey or Vanilla as the kids were calling her, I went
off to drop her at a foster home for the evening. Then I drove to the other side of the island to drop
off the medicine for Sarabi. He foster home wants to adopt her, so that was GREAT news!
After that was all done, I had a veggie burger from burger king. Then when I got home I walked 4 miles
and now I am ready for bed! Good night all!

*Don't shop, APOPT*
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