Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's me...I have returned!

Hey everyone, so sorry for the long absence. I have still been reading your guys blogs, but I've been a combination of busy and lazy lately which is my reasoning for not posting. I am back though! I am working shorter hours this summer so I will have more time on my hands. I am excited for the break, but bummed about the less pay factor. Anyway, Here are some pictures to update you a little.
 Breakfast of peanut butter and mango sandwich while tanning outside

There is a sushi place near my house, and they serve cucumbers in their water. It's good!

I don't remember the names of these sushi, but one had green soy paper wrapped around and other had sun dried tomato paper. Tastiness!

Dinner last night was a chick'n patty with a portobello mushroom cap bun.

This day I was craving a Guam dish, so I ended up modifying chicken keleguen and making tofu keleguen. This contained tofu, coconut, unrippened mango, lemon juice, green onion, thai peppers and salt. This is definitally not for everyone. I personally love it though. I eat it with Guam red rice!

Tofu scramble, fresh made salsa, plantains and pretzel bread

I went to the farmers market on Sunday and found these for my Sonic boy. They only had two vegan ones. Sonic is not vegan, but I try to either make or buy all his treats vegan.

I like this picture. He has such a funny look on his face!

My love :) Adios until next time!

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