Sunday, July 11, 2010


Guess what guys and gals? Our state refund came in! You know what that means? Groceries! Thank you Lord! God is good all the time! So, I got to go on a Wholefoods run.

Dinner was the salad bar at Wholefoods. I had a samosa, mango chutney, lemon rice, and a yummy salad. Then, I my husband got me some guava gilato and mango gilato.

I got organic kale (four bundles), organic apples (a bag), five organic avocados, two organic zucchini, an green bell pepper, an organic grapefruit, a bunch of organic celery, spinach seeds, and alfalfa sprouts.

I also got some vegan chocolate chips, a sheet of mochi, organic coconut oil, Bubbies pickles, mushrooms, dried kidney beans, and garbanzo beans.
Panther is pouting because it's raining outside and he can't go out.


  1. I always feel great after a big shopping trip. I love having so much good stuff ready to use! I can't wait to see what you have planned for your groceries.

    I think my cats pout a lot because I don't ever let them out. :( Our street is too busy.

  2. That must've been a whopper of a refund! Great shopping. Funny how the Hawaiian Whole Foods has such different items. Guava Gelato!

  3. Looks like some of my Whole Foods trips. Gotta love the kale!


  4. Yummy Whole Foods goodies and even some Bubbies! My fave :)

    Guava gelato sounds decadent!

  5. Jessica- I know I was so excited! Carrots and spinach were getting a little old. Panther is my only cat I let outside and I always watch him. Usually only for five minutes :)

    Shen- what kind of gelato do you guys have?

    Ali- I love kale! Can't get enough of it.

    Sheri- I love buboes too! I don't buy as much as you though with your buckets full:) if I had that option I probably would though. I love pickles! Thnaks for checking out my blog!

    Stacy- I know! Yay! So far I just had some kale/celery/Apple juice:)

  6. I hear ya. I can spend a fortune at Whole Foods too!
    What do you do with your mochi?
    I just bake it. Anything interesting?

  7. Crookedmama- croutons for salad or soup or as bread or waffles! I love Wholefoods too!

  8. Vegan Tickles- Thanks for checking out my site, and oh the guava flavor was so goooood:)

  9. Yay! happy for you getting such amazing goodies:)

  10. Evergreen- Thanks! I know I was so happy!


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