Thursday, July 15, 2010

Genki Sushi

Today's breakfast smoothie was:
1 cup organic kale
1 cup organic blueberries
1/2 an avocado
1/2 an organic banana
1 tsp spirulina
2 Tbsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp maca powder
I also had a bagel with tofutti cream cheese while watching my new show that I am into "True Blood". I'm only on session two so don't tell me what happens next!

I had some organic carrots, organic celery, hummus, and a pickle for a snack.

My husband and I went out for dinner at Genki Sushi. I got my usual of green bean tempura maki, eggplant maki, and avocado maki. I was mad at myself for forgetting to ask for the eggplant without fish flakes on top. I just had to pick everything off the top and put it on another plate. It was gross.
Aside from the fish flakes, I had a great meal. Love me some sushi!


  1. WOW! That sushi looks beautiful!!!

  2. why do they have to ruin a perfectly grand eggplant with fish flakes??? haha!!!

    one thing i love is going out for sushi with my much fun isn't it? and to think before i came into his life he had no idea what sushi even was!!! =)

    have a beautiful day girlie!

  3. I ordered vegitarian sushi once and once the dish got there-there was egg in it. Now, aside from my feelings about eggs not being a vegetable, when have you EVER had egg in sushi? I'm glad yours worked out!

  4. Sushi is one of my favorite things too! We are lucky to have quite a few good sushi places close. Loved your veggie and hummus snack. That happens often here as well. ;-)


  5. I love your different breakfast smoothies!

    I like sushi, but usually here we can only get avocado rolls. They have a veg section that also includes tamago, and they hesitate to make any other rolls. So I like to get sushi when I travel, too, and have the choice to get other things.

  6. Stacy- Thanks, it was yummy!

    Nelly- Fish flakes are gross. I know I love going out for sushi especially at the ones that have the sushi on the machine that loops around and around.

    Jessica- ugh I hate that! The sushi place near my work has a vegetable tempura roll that, come to find out, is served with shrimp inside. Lucky for me, they finally remember me there and everytime I come in they say, spring mix salad, veg tempura no shrim? YES!

  7. Ali- I love sushi and I'm lad because I have a sushi and Thai place right next to my work :)

    Jessica- oh I'm sorry that sucks! You can always try asking them to make you veg tempura? Miso soup always works too :)

  8. I've never seen sushi like that before.

  9. Shen- I LOVE green bean tempura sushi! It is so so yummy! I ordered 3 orders of it ;)

  10. You know, I think I've only had that kind of sushi once in my entire life. I really need to venture out with Asian food a little more! Fish flakes sound...well, awful. ha.

  11. Jenny- Oh you definitally need to! Sushi is big in Hawaii :)


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