Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peace Cafe

I finally got to try Peace Cafe! It is located on 2239 South King Street, Honolulu. I kind of had to search for it because it is so small. I passed by it once and didn't even see it until I looped around again. The sign is very small right above the door as you can see. Any way, Peace Cafe is, as far as I know, the only all vegan restaurant/cafe on Oahu. It is a quaint little place with friendly people and great food. My husband described it as the very thing that the cafe stands for "Peaceful."
Their menu is small, but it still has quite a good variety of choices. They have sandwiches on the menu such as a miso-tahini flavored spinach & tofu cube sandwich or a pan-fried teriyaki tempeh sandwich. All their sandwiches come with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, & homemade aioli on a ciabatta bun. You can also chose from 5 different "lunchboxes" with choices like Moroccan Stew with spiced chickpeas in tomato broth with brown rice or a Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce in cashew cream dressing with toasted bread. If you have room for dessert, they have different sweets that you can have along side with your coffee or tea.
Don't you love this light? I had to say, "Excuse me, sorry to be in the way but can I just take a picture of this?" to the cashier because it was right next to her head :)
Refreshing complimentary water with lemons
I actually got two sandwiches, because I couldn't chose between the two. I got the Avo-Veggie sandwich and the Cilantro Hummus sandwich. I LOVED both! They were both packed with veggies, especially sprouts. The hummus sandwich had homemade hummus on it, which I liked. I hate when it isn't fresh. The cashier actually told me, Oh our hummus is good! It is homemade and they don't just use lemon juice. We hand squeeze all our lemons. That made me happy. I also found out that most of their ingredients are organic and they try to buy local as much as possible. I think next time what I will do is get the Cilantro Hummus sandwich and ask them to add avocado so that it will be like two sandwiches in one.

I like that the place was air conditioned and very cool inside. It was small, quiet, and peaceful even with the other 6 or 7 patrons that were in there eating at the time. The cashier was the only lady working in the front. She was friendly and helpful. I had a very pleasant experience there and will definitely be back! You can check out their website HERE.


  1. this looks great! i love finding quaint little vegan cafés or restaurants. it makes me smile!

  2. Me too! I was so thrilled to find this place!

  3. A vegan restaurant AND in Hawaii??? I guess it could get better if it was beachfront.

  4. Shen- haha! Now THAT is a good idea! I have actually been really wanting to open an all vegan food truck on the North Shore. If only I could get the money :)

  5. Coinkidink! I want to open a vegan food truck too! Except I hate being outside and I hate the public, so Mr. SV says it wouldn't work.

  6. Shen- I hate the public too. Actually, I don't normally enjoy people at all in general. I like animals so much better, which is why I have 9 :)


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