Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just a little groceries and pets

I am going to be making tamales at some point. I also need to make some more hummus.

I love these! Almond Dream Bites are awesome! I ate them with some peanut butter. Yum! Almond Dream is a great alternative to dairy ice cream. Even my picky 17 year old brother loved these! They are so creamy and addicting. Check out the products that Almond Dream has HERE. Check out my review on Coconut Bliss HERE.

Noggin stay still! I need a good pic!

This is my baby Panther, when I got him and then now. He has grown into such a handsome boy.

Don't mind the mess.

Lazy lug, my Nano.


  1. I am from Mexico and I am doing a research about food sovereignty, so part of this study is GMOs and things like that. So just wanted to tell you that it is very likely your Maseca flour is GMO, I thought I would tell you just in case you are trying to avoid GMO products. By the way today I had tamale cake and it ruled!

  2. hey thanks for the comment! I believe you're the first person to comment on my blog so that's awesome, haha.

    Those Almond Dream bites look so good. I really like Soy Dream's "Butter Pecan" ice cream.

    I have a Spirooli spiralizer. It's awesome, I used it to slice some sweet potatoes to make dehydrated sweet potato chips the other day...awesome!

  3. Daniela-- Thanks so much for the info on the GMO in the masa! I actually thought about that after I bought it because I know that a lot of corn products are GMO. Do you know of a brand that sells organic masa? I went to whole foods and they only had two brands and neither was organic. Thanks again chica!

    Tweedle--You're welcome! Oh I love pecan ice cream! I seriously need to get a dehyrateor. I went raw for about a month, and I really felt great after I did it! That was the one thing that I think would have made my raw life easier. I'll get one. Maybe for Christmas.

  4. Unfortunately I don´t know of a brand that sells organica masa, I get mine from local peasants that grow the corn and make de masa. Sorry I can´t help with that. Those tamales look super good! and your companion animales are super cute!


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