Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: Amy's Pizza

About a week ago, the wonderful people at Amy's sent me a few coupons to try out some of their products. Ever since I became a vegan, I was really bummed and felt like I was never going to get to have pizza again. Until now that is! Amy's makes a large variety of vegan products like pizzas, burgers, pot pies, enchiladas, soups, and more!

All Amy's products are vegetarian. They also offer various tree nut free, gluten free, diary free, and soy free products. I chose the Soy Cheeze Pizza made with organic tomatoes & flour. This pizza is lactose free and non GMO. It was amazing! It tastes like restaurant quality. It doesn't have veggies, so you can add whatever you want for toppings or just eat it plain. I ate it just as it was made and loved it. I am not normally a fan of soy based cheeses, but this was so good! Amy's pizza is my new favorite pizza!

I ate the whole pizza on my own! This pizza goes great with a bottle or two of beer. I put hot sauce on mine, because I like spicy. If you have not tried Amy's products yet, then you need to get on it! They use quality ingredients and try to use organic as much as possible, which is very important to me. I found this on their site, "We have earned a reputation in the farming community as the company with the most rigid standards for quality and consistency. This is as it should be. Just imagine if you were planning a special meal for your closest friends. Wouldn’t you take the time to select the best of everything? Bright green broccoli, perfect potatoes, sweet tomatoes and tangy onions? Sure you would, and because we think of every customer as a guest in our home, you deserve the very best that nature provides."
That makes me very happy to hear!

Please note, Amy's donated these coupons to me. I was not paid for this review. Subscribe to their newsletter to be up to date on their newest products HERE.


  1. I love Amy's stuff! We get the pizzas when I am feeling like eating pizza (umm more than I would like to admit!) and put all kinds of veggies on it. MM!

  2. I LOVE this brand! My favorite is the no cheese roasted veggie pizza. If I didnt have to share I would have eaten all of it too!

  3. Hi Carissa, thanks for the nice comment in my blog, it's a pleasure to know about your blog too! I'm starting to follow you too :)

    I think we always miss something in the place we live. In Brazil I miss the vegan cheese, in Dublin I miss the good fruits, but every place has good vegan options nowadays, I think!

  4. Looks delicious! I think I contemplated buying one of those, but it was either the calories or price that made me not do it. I'll have to look again.

  5. Candice- I love Amy's products too, even before I became vegan. I love that they are sold everywhere, including Safeway and Costco near my house :)

    Jessica- Oh I love that pizza too. That was the first one I ever tried.

    Glauce- Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are right. We are never satisfied no matter where we live :) I should just be happy with the stuff I have here in Hawaii.

    Shen- I just pulled out the pizza box to check it for you. It is cholesterol free! So that's good. It's 290 calories for 1/3 of the pizza. Fat: 11g Fiber: 2g Protein:12g Sugar 3g. You can always try the one that Jessica said too that is roasted veggies with no cheese. I like that one too :)

  6. Thanks for following me! I probably crave pizza more than anything else non-vegan, so I sometimes make my own with Daiya. I should try the Amy's one, it looks delish!

  7. Dianne- I make my own with Daiya too often! I was a big cheese eater before I became vegan. Amys pizzas are good for those nights when you want to be lazy and just pop a pizza in the oven and not worry weather or not it will taste good because, it will! :)

  8. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy the blog and the recipes. I'm diging yours as well. So glad you found mine :)

  9. Jenn- Thanks for stopping by mine :)


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