Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Eats

The last two days have been "snow days" here in Omaha. I work at a school who has an all day center including before and after school care. We are open almost every holiday and open on snow days. I love those little boogers though.


1 Banana
4 Collard Green Leaves
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
Water to incorporate

Thanks Ali for the recommendation on the ginger and cinnamon :)

I wanted to show you guys this because this is what I have to work with in Omaha for healthy eats. We went out to eat one morning for breakfast. My husband got the breakfast buffet. I looked the menu over and this was about it if I didn't want anything fried. So I got the toast & oatmeal combo with coffee. It was good, but not really what I wanted. 

Lunch today I stopped at Wholefoods after work and got some mango & blueberries pre sliced. 

From the hot food bar, I got the potato & pea samosas, pineapple rice and some type of bean polenta. 

Dinner a couple nights ago I made some fresh vegetable soup. I put way too much beans.

Dinner last night was red quinoa with black beans, avocados & tomatoes. For the quinoa, I cook it in my rice cooker just like how you would cook rice. After it is cooked, I add coconut oil & lots of basil! 

Next, I soaked the organic dried black beans in water overnight. In the morning, I poured fresh water inside and threw it in the slow cooker. I let it cook all day on low.

Lastly, I chopped up an avocado, a tomato and half an onion. Mix all that together. Then add a few cloves of chopped garlic, fresh organic lemon juice, Himalayan salt and pepper. Mix that together with the avocado mixture. 

Layer your quinoa, black beans and avocado mixture and top with nutritional yeast.

Snack was a pear

My wonderful friend in Hawaii sent me some Hawaiian tea for Christmas. I really like it!

Sonic looking out the window at the snow and other doggies walking by.

Question: What is a food, beverage you will never ever give up? 
Mine used to be cheese, but look at me now all grown up and vegan.


  1. Interesting that you work with kids (or at least I guess so) ... sometimes I wonder what people in the blogs actually do.

    Your quinoa and black bean mix sounds good. But how did you put too many beans in the soup? Is there such a thing?

    On your question, I really don't know. I try not to make proclamations about what I won't do. (I feel like singing Anthony Hamilton, but I'll spare you.) Right now I think I would have a hard time doing without coffee, but I know I could do it.

  2. Jess- Haha, you're funny :) Yes I work with kiddos. I am a preschool teacher at the moment. I really enjoy it as I love kids. Honestly, I love animals more than people, which is why I ran SCARShelter in Hawaii. Once I got here I didn't know what to do. My husband is a director of an early childhood center though, so I just went into the same type of work as him.

    I think there can be too much beans, haha! I am not a huge fan of LOTS of beans. Well, no I guess it depends on the meal. This soup was very beany.

    Coffee seems to be the hardest of them all for most people. It was my drug for a while, but I am pretty good at giving up things cold turkey. I quit smoking when I turned 18 cold turkey as well as became a vegan cold turkey in one day. That's the only way to do it I think.

  3. I love that picture of Sonic. <3 So peaceful.

    To answer your question, most likely avocado and chocolate. If I had to for a very good reason, I would give them up, but hopefully it never comes to that!

    Oh, and I quit smoking cold turkey when I was 18, too. :)

  4. Vegan Flower- Molly right? I love that picture of Sonic too. I swear you and I must be sisters haha! I think chocolate would definitally be one of mine too and I loooove avocados!

  5. when i went vegan i definitely did it cold turkey too! it worked out great for me that way.

    i don't know what i couldn't live without. probably oranges b/c i really, really, really like them. or peanut butter. i tried that once but it always pulls me back in.

  6. What no snow day off work? Oh well, I bet it's fun in the snow with the kids anyway...maybe even more fun than regular days.

    All the beans sound good. I especially like the black beans quinoa with coconut oil and avocado...I had a coconut soup today and I though of you because of how much you like it.

    Malama tea sounds interesting. Is Malama the type of tea or a flavoring or both?

  7. your whole foods really made up for the not so steller breakfast!the veggie soup looks so pretty! i love how fresh and wholesome it looks!

    i love your answer to your question! lol i used to LOVE cheese also! then i thought id never be able to live without diet coke..i was drinking a 2 liter a day.....but i did! now i wouldnt want to be without...nutritional yeast! lol its so good!but avocado and chocolate, hmm maybe i need to change my answer...

  8. Your Whole Foods has different stuff than mine. I've never seen Pineapple Rice or Polenta. Great picture of Sonic. Warm and safe inside.

    I guess I don't think of going vegan as a 'cold turkey' (terrible expression BTW) thing. Whenever I've inadvertantly eaten animal products, I consider my 'going vegan' starting right after that.

  9. I need to play around with some more green smoothies. Right now I am hooked on the Amazing Grass though.

    I know what you mean about going out to eat breakfast and only being able to eat oatmeal and toast. That's the way it is everywhere around me. Everyone here has to have everything fried and it all evolves around meat.

    That's cool that your are teaching Pre K. Do you have to have a degree for that where you live? I am acutally going back to school to get my degree in Education for K-6. I'm just (sociology), so I can get back in to the groove of school. I'm sure it will take me 6+ years to get my degree, but I love kids! Like you I love animals more, but I can't manage vet school. :o)

    Sonic looks so cute looking out the window.

  10. I didn't realize that you worked in a preschool, I'm sure that makes for some very exciting days ;)

    Ooo, I'm going to have to try cinnamon and ginger in our next smoothie! We just bought some chia seeds yesterday :)

    I agree that cold turkey seems to work best for me, too. Even doing cold turkey trials, just to back off of things when I don't feel the need to give them up completely, but don't want them to be as much a part of my life, like going a month without just to cool it a little. This has been the occasion with things like coffee and alcohol.

    Man, chocolate and avocados definitely do it for me, too. I also really love bread. Muffins, toast, rolls, scones...bread would be a hard one for me.

  11. Glad you liked the cinnamon and ginger addition to the smoothie. Everything looks delicious, BTW.

    I bet having snow days is a bit of a culture shock for you. I hope you are holding up well in the cold weather.

    enjoy your weekend,

  12. It seems to me that you are eating pretty well!

    Hard to imagine winter, it is summer here in New Zealand!

    Happy Week-end


  13. How have you been adjusting to Nebraska now that you've been there a few months? I bet Hawaii doesn't have snow days! Your dish with avocado sounds delicious!

  14. I am so mad, I wrote super long replies to all of you and they got deleted! UGH DHJHJKHJKHU!!!!! Thanks for the nice comments everyone :) The sandwiches were delicious!


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