Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fat Day

Breakfast was a very interesting smoothie. It was pretty much everything I needed to use up in my fridge. I put blueberries, strawberries, spinach, avocado, cucumber, hemp seeds, chia seeds, almond milk, maple syrup and UDO's dha oil. My brother took one look at it and said...it looks like concrete. 

Grapefruit & Agave

Ezekial Sesame Toast with bruchetta and nutritional yeast for breakfast.

We tried out a new place near our house for lunch. This is where the "fat day" began by the way. It's all you can eat and I stuffed my face. This is broccoli, yam, zucchini and mushroom tempura. 

Avocado maki of course. I also had some yam/avocado maki which was really good!

This was dinner. I thought I would give it a shot. It was pretty creamy and cheezy! 

Next up, I made this harvest mix soup that my husband bought for me. He neglected to see that the ingredients included beef base though. Fortunately for me the spices came in a totally separate ziplock on top of the jar. That went in the trash quick. I added my own spices, just some rosemary, oregano and thyme. 

Here is my fat indulgence of mac n cheeze with catsup and harvest soup with tabasco. Is my period coming soon? I guess so.

I figured I needed something healthy with dinner. This kombucha brand has a good flavor, but I still prefer Synergy over Unpeeled. 

I had fully planned on making some raw chocolate pudding but it turns out that I am out of bananas. Great. Well, I guess that will be in my next post! I already have the chia seeds soaking in the fridge since yesterday, so just a quick stop at Trader Joe's tomorrow and I will be set to go! 


  1. Looks like a great day!!!! Mac and cheez...mmmm! I love it!!! By the way I also LOVE these new pictures!

  2. Everyone needs a good overeating day every now and again!

  3. I would stuff my face too if I had that tempura and avocado sushi in front of me, yum! Way to improvise on the packaged soup -- looks like it turned out great with your own spice blend!

  4. But you didn't dip the sushi in soy sauce??? Without soy sauce & wasabi, I'm not nearly as jealous.

  5. At least you had some good tasting food! :o)

  6. I made smoothies like that sometimes too. The color isn't always great but the taste is more important. ;-)


  7. lol concrete? aw man!

    like you, i am a master buffet connesuir. yours looks better than what we have here!

    thats so sweet that he bought you soup!good job Carissas hubby:)

    thank you for your support earlier today. it meant a lot.

  8. And when you say "interesting," do you mean "yummy" or "it looks AND tastes like concrete."???? :) It looks like chocolate to me! mmmm...

  9. Oh, this doesn't look like a bad day! That Amy's mac and cheeze is so good ... other than that it's not too bad. Especially with bean soup!

    I'm still digging your hipstamatic photos.

  10. Mmm...kombucha is so good! It makes me feel great, too. I haven't tried unpeeled, but agree that synergy is great.

  11. Jessica- Thanks chica! I also think the mac n cheese from Amy's is pretty sweet :)

    Theresa- True. Especially during that special time of the month! That is the time I crave cheese the most.

    Sara-Gotta love that tempura. It's the bomb! In my opinion any way.

    Shen- I actually did. I know "soy-free" year didn't start off so well, hah!

    Michelle-You got it!

    Ali- That happens to me all the time actually. I always come out with gray smoothies. I don't mind the color. I don't normally drink them for the look or even the taste, it's more for the nutrition. Eat to live.

    Dirty Duck- No problem chica. I like buffets too. Especially because normally I can find at least SOMETHING vegan. Omaha seems confused by the idea of veganism.

    Candice- It was good except the cucumber was a little strong.

    Jess- Thanks! I like um too. Yes, that mac n cheese is definitely tasty.

    Cass-Yup , Synergy is the best!

  12. ah! So many more diet ideas! thanks...I am pretty new to the whole vegan thing :-)


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