Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2 of MC

*Warning again, do not read any further if you don't want to hear words like poop.*
Day 2 has been a lot harder than day 1 was. Day 1 was pretty much a breeze with hunger pains towards the end of the day. I think it was because I ran out of juice around 2:30 at work and didn't get home until 6:30. I contemplated giving up after today and just making this a two day thing. My husband has been trying to not eat in front of me as much which helps. We also have not been watching any Food Network which we normally watch a lot of together. I am drinking some peppermint tea today which is a nice change of flavor from nasty lemon juice :) 

I pooped about 6 times today and it is only 2 pm. I starting reading blogs online about other people who did this cleanse and it is helping to encourage me to not give up tomorrow. On the plus side, I feel really good! I am a little tired, but not too tired. I already went through almost 2 bags of organic lemons! My mind is very sporadic. I am starting to get a few pimples and I've been very cold lately, even inside my own house. I am hoping that what they say online, that the first two days are the hardest, is true. If so, I will keep going tomorrow:)

*Side note- I MIGHT try the salt water thing tomorrow morning. We'll see.*


  1. Good luck if you try the salt water thing! That is so sweet of your husband to not eat in front of you!

  2. Sorry it was a tougher day! Keeping more liquids at work should help. Maybe you could share with us why you've decided to do this, unless I'm the only one who doesn't get it. Then I'll look it up myself.

  3. Well, from what I've read, doing any sort of detox will have it's ups and downs. Since you felt a bit off today, tomorrow you'll most likely feel much better, but then could have a rough day after that. Hang in there!!

  4. Good luck with this cleanse. You are definitely more of trooper than I am. But if it works well for you I might give it a go. I hope it gets easier for you.


  5. Yeah, it's rough being around food but it's also sort of unavoidable...
    I'm worried for this upcoming time that I do it because as of now I prepare a lot of food for my bf and I don't know how easy that'll be.
    Do you have a definite number of days you're aiming for? That actual date can help keep you on track.

  6. hehe sometimes all you need is a good poop!

  7. Good work so far! I hope it gets easier tomorrow. That is so sweet of your husband to not eat in front of you.

  8. I hope it gets better...
    It has to get better.
    I am rooting for you!!!!

  9. wow, impressive! i've never done the mc before but i've fasted and i always feel a little bit cold for some reason. i think the metabolism slows way down during fasts and when we're not eating solid food. good work! you'll feel so good afterward...sounds like your body is purging toxins. don't quit before it's done it's thorough cleaning! (i feel like a hypocrite cheering you on like this!)

  10. Michelle- I decided not to do the salt water cleanse. I wasn't feeling to well today already so I did not try it. I just drank my tea as usual.

    Jess- Well, I am doing it as a fast for God. I am giving up food for him. I am trying to learn what His will is for my life:) Also to detox my body of poisons.

    Molly- You are right and my body feels a lot better today! I'm just sick :)

    Ali- Thanks Ali. So far so good!

    Maud- Hey Maud. I was thinking 3 days and we will see from there. 3 is my number. That is the hard part with me too because my brother and husband have been eating out since I am fasting.

    HeyMark-Haha, your funny! It's true!

    Rose-He can be sweet when he tries:)

    Viv-Thanks Viv you are awesome!

    Steph- Maybe that's it huh? I am pretty cold in general too though :) Thanks for all the encouragement


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