Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eating Out or To Go

 We went out for breakfast a couple days ago at Garden Cafe, and I think this was all they had on the menu I could get. I was fine with it though, because I like oatmeal in the morning. This oatmeal was pretty plain. It came with raisins and brown sugar on the side with a banana. My favorite part of it was the pan it was served in. *Just a reminder, it's always good to ask your server if the oatmeal is made with milk or water. Most places make it with water, but some use milk.*
I have a bunch of lemons that I haven't been using and don't want to go to waste so I had a little lemon water. I zest the lemon and squeezed the juice out into my water. Lots of vitamin C.

My husband and brother wanted pizza the other day, so we stopped at Papa Murphey's by our house. According to Yelp, the crust and tomato sauce here is vegan. I got the medium pizza with tomato sauce, zucchini, artichoke and garlic. It was really good! The guy who was making the pizza was so confused. He was like, "Sooooooo, no meat right? And no cheese either?" Yeeeeeees, that is what I ordered :) So he started making the pizza, and my husband has designated himself as the inspector of my food to make sure they get it right, because I am always too nice about it if they make it wrong. Lucky for me, he was watching them well this time. The worker making the pizza, made it WITH cheese. Go figure. Fudge, my husband, kindly told them, "Excuse me, but she doesn't want cheese." The guy remade the pizza correctly and we were on our merry way. 

You guys know that I love my plants! I have missed having plants and fresh veggies and herbs since moving here. Since it is winter here I have not been able to start a garden yet. I was able to get this parsley to grow fairly well inside my house near my kitchen window though!

Here is my basil. It is slowly making its way upward.

Last night, my husband surprised me with taking me to Omahas ONLY all vegan restaurant! It was about 7 pm by the time we got there, so I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures. This place is called Daily Grub. They have sopes, soups, sandwiches, sweets and drinks! 

They have very simple decor, but I really liked this place.

I decided to get the Banh Mi which was a Vietnamese sub sandwich on baguette filled with daikon, carrot, cucumber, mint, cilantro, slices of marinated tofu and ancho cashew cream spread. I meant to ask for no tofu, but my husband wanted to get home and asked for me to get it to go, so I was kind of in a rush. He told me to get two sandwiches so I could try out two things here so I also go the Hummus Sandwich. This sandwich had hummus, cucumber, romaine and roasted red pepper on toasted baguette with salad or chips.

I ate this one last night. This is the Banh Mi. It was so so good! I love daikon! Thanks babe!

PS- Today is day 1 of going "poo free". I have tried it once before in Hawaii and my hair got so greasy that I had to quite. I am giving it one more try in this climate here. We'll see...


  1. "Yeeeeeees, that is what I ordered :) "

    hah yep this sounds familiar:)

    "... my husband has designated himself as the inspector of my food to make sure they get it right"

    my friend, you have a great guy there. my "mr dirty duck"(LOL) wont leave a drive-through till we check for cheese or whatever. we are lucky.

    but they still tried to put cheese an it? oy vey,

    oh and then your husband telling you to try TWO things at daily grub!that sounds just like mine! nothing makes me happier than TWO orders, even you two orders made me happy! and im not going tog et a taste!lol,,,he is so sweet! omgosh! have you tried them yet? let us know what the tofu one was like...

  2. Your pizza looks super yummy. So sweet of your husband to be the watchdog for your orders! As odd as it may seem to people to order things w/o cheese, meat, etc...hopefully the cummulative effect will be that they realize there's a demand for that and start making their menus more vegan friendly from the get-go...we can always hope!

    I read about the Daily Grub and other vegan fun stuff in Omaha in the current edition of VegNews. Have you seen it? Apparently, there is a vegan/cruelty-free manicure place. Sounds cool.

    Both sandwiches sound wonderful to me, and way to go with your kitchen herb garden!

  3. Dirty Duck-Mr Dirty Duck sounds a lot like mine. He always checks the bag in the drive thru before leaving. I was so happy that he let me get two things :) I ate them both and loved them both! The vietnamese one especially was great!!! I can't wait to go back!

    Rose- Thanks so much for telling me about The Nail Shop I think it's called. I hadn't even heard of it! I am so excited to try it! Whenever I ahve money that is :) Maybe I'll ask my husband for Valentines Day :) Do you read VegNews online or do you get the magazine?

  4. That sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day treat! I have a subscription, but they do have articles online...I'm not 100% sure, but they might put up some of the mag articles online in a delayed not while the issue is current. Let me know if you want the article, I can send it too's not really an article, but more of a 1-page feature.


  5. Mike always checks the food, too, and is usually the one to speak up if he sees something amiss. :)

    Lucky you to get two sandwiches! I recently read about the Daily Grub in VegNews, too. It sounds like a great place!

  6. Rose- You are too sweet. Is this the article By the way, I am still planning on sending you a Christmas card but I need to order some more but have to wait until I get paid later this month. It turns out that 25 cards was not enough for everyone. I need to order at least 20 more, haha

    Molly- I am always soooo embarrassed if I have to return an order or make a fuss over anything. My husband gets really mad because I never speak up or stand up for myself. Man, you have a VegNews subscription too? Am I the only one who doesn't?

  7. Well, I did just let mine run out, so the issue featuring Omaha is my last issue. I've been getting it almost since they started publishing it and just don't care for it that much anymore.

    I do speak up for myself quite often, but don't always stay cool about it. So, Mike usually takes the lead on that. I tend to explode and he's much better at confrontation. Typical of us INFJ's and INFP's, isn't it? :) I'm getting better at it as I get older, though!

  8. Molly- hahaha very true! I was totally like you growing up! I would hold it in for a while and then explode. Or just explode at certain people. Usually authority (teachers...cops, etc). I have gotten so much better now though.

  9. Aw, I love a bit of green around the house too and fresh herbs are always nice to have - I might do that when the heat it off for the winter; it would probably kill them now!
    Fresh herbs are actually also really nice if you throw them in with your lemon water, which I've been drinking a lot of too lately.

  10. Looks like some good finds eating out - I especially like the Bahn Mi and it's awesome that you have an all-vegan place in town. We have just one, too, but it's so nice to know that everything from there is okay.

    I'm glad your husband kept an eye out for the pizza, and that he saw them re-make it instead of try to remove the cheese. I'm just now getting comfortable adapting menu selections, I'm still really shy about sending food back (I don't want to waste!). The final pizza looks seriously yummy.

  11. that sandwich looks so good! i've been loving the banh mi sandwich from veganomicon. it's sweet that your husband looks out for people sneaking cheese into your food! :)

  12. LEMON WATER. I need some of that. I am pretty jealous to see your lovely plants blooming, I planted two pots of arugula, but it's Canada..and the son is so minimal now so nothings really happened :( Thanks for your comments, hope you have a happy happy happy sunday!

    -Amy :)

  13. I have no doubt you will get a little veggie garden going no time soon. But for now herbs growing on your windowsill is a start. Its amazing how fresh herbs uplift a dish.

  14. We have a Papa Murphys here, too, and they're pretty accomodating. I'm impressed that Omaha has even one all vegan restaurant! Okay, Carissa, my dear, why do you want to go shampoo free????

  15. Food feud- Fresh herbs in lemon water? Hm, maybe I'll have to try that. Which ones do you add? When I had mint and spearmint in Hawaii growing outside I used to always add them.

    Jessica-I am glad that you guys have a vegan restaurant there too. It's always nice to have even if there is only one. I am shy like you when it comes to sending back things. I usually just pick it off if it's cheese, but if it's meat I have to send it back..

    Sara- Oh I want that recipe from veganomicon! I need more vegan recipe books that's for sure.

    Amy- Sorry that your arugula isn't doing too well. I miss having arugula growing. There is no way it would grow well here either during winter :)

    Mangocheeks- Hopefully winter will be over soon :) Yes, I love herbs and they make every dish better~

  16. Blessedmama- Shampoo free,'s better for the environment and cheeper for one! You use baking soda to clean your hair and then apple cider vinegar to condition your hair. It is suppose to be really good for your hair and eventually your hair is suppose to be able to get clean with just water. I don't know about that, but I am trying this out to see how it goes. You should research it and see what you think. I know one lady who's blog I follow called Vegan Joy doesn't use shampoo either and she has great hair.

  17. I don't shampoo on days I'm not at work or seeing anyone I know. So far I haven't noticed a difference those. Love the oatmeal pot.

  18. Shen- I am thinking about not being shampoo free EVERY day. Maybe go one or two days a week with shampoo. My hair has been crazy lately and I feel gross at work. I hate going to work feeling gross, even if I am going to be rolling around with toddlers, changing diapers and cleaning up snot and throw up all day.


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