Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan 1, 2011, wow...

Breakfast shake today was a combination of organic almond milk, almond butter, chia seeds, organic maple syrup and ice. Not very thick, but it had a good flavor. Note to self: Buy bananas. 
Later on I had some apple/zucchini juice. Very tasty!

I like this picture because of Rahjah's leg sticking out :) Panther had just woken up here.

Dinner was sushi. I know, they don't look great but this was only my second try at this so give me a break! I put rice, hummus (that I just made a huge batch of today), organic cucumbers and organic avocado in these. They would have been better with soy sauce, but I am trying to lay off that now.

Dessert was some Rice Dream and red wine. I don't particularly like Rice Dream, but it is what I have at the moment and I need to finish it off before I buy some more of my favorite which is, of course, Coconut Bliss.

Now for my New Year Resolutions:

  • No soy. Or at least limit my soy intake to very rare occasions. This is hard too coming from the islands, we use soy sauce all the time. I have heard so much contradictory things on soy lately. Some say it's this amazing food and other say it causes all kinds of problems and diseases. One thing that seems to be universally agreed on is that people who regularly eat soy have a higher risk for breast and prostate cancer. That is enough to make me not want to eat or drink it anymore. 
  • Dry brush daily. Skin is our largest organ. Dry brushing helps to detox the body and improve circulation among other things. Read about it HERE.
  • Do my devotions daily. I have been slacking on this big time. I need to have a stronger relationship with God. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."
  • Be a better wife. Nag less, love more :)
  • Eat less processed things and more whole foods like vegetables, beans, and fruit.
  • Lastly, try to convert one person to veganism. Wish me luck on that one. I am hoping either my mom or sister. I would LOVE for my husband to go vegan, but it has to be his decision not mine.

Lastly, I have a question: What are your guys thoughts on agave vs. stevia?  Right now, I use agave. I tried growing stevia in Hawaii and my dog knocked over the plant before it had a chance. Once it's summer here I will try to grow it again possibly. 


  1. Great resolutions! I love the picture of the kitties- cute! I prefer agave, but that's because of taste.

  2. Happy New Year Carissa.

    Enjoyed reading your resolutions. Especially liking the eat more whole foods and less processed. I don't know why but for some reason I thought your husband was a vegan. My mistake. Your right though it has to be his decision.

    RE the question about stevia and agave, both ingredients are new to me, so I can't share much opinion on them yet.

  3. Dry brushing is also one of my resolutions this year! I used to do it daily.. I did it yesterday and it feels sooo good!

    I think that organic soy is fine.. it's the processed soy isolates that can be problematic.

  4. yeah, rice dream is definitely not my favorite. i like so delicious. i haven't tried coconut bliss and i probably shouldn't b/c i will become addicted! haha! :)

  5. Your smoothies always look excellent. Hummus in sushi is an interesting idea, but I agree, the fun of sushi is dipping in the soy sauce. Also, I hate stevia and totally failed at skin brushing after a few days. Good luck w/your resolutions!

  6. I haven't had a lot of stevia. I think I tried it one time and didn't like it. I should probably try it gain. I like agave, though. I pretty much only use it in oatmeal, just a little drizzle of it on top. I didn't even know you could "grow" stevia. My resolutions match up pretty well with yours. I'm not cutting out soy, but I am cutting out more processed forms. And it would be GREAT if we could convert someone to veganism...I'll have to start thinking who my person could be... :)

  7. Molly-Thanks, I love my babies. Thanks for the input on agave vs stevia.

    Mangocheeks-I wish he was! Haha! Let me know if you end up trying them and if you like them.

    Melomeals-I think dry brushing is a great resolution for everyone! It does make me feel good :)

    Kim-Oh you have to try coconut bliss! So good!

    Shen- I am TRYING to inspire a certain SOMEONE to try making smoothies :) Thanks for the heads up on stevia. You should try skin brushing again. I def think it's worth it.

    Jenny- That would be so great if everyone on here could convert 1 person this year! I am not hearing too many good reviews on stevia. Don't know if I'll try it now, hah.


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