Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hippy Pack Number 4 & Spring Rolls

This morning I had some Moroccan Mint Green Tea to start off the day.
Also had some lovely oatmeal. I added dried cranberries, golden raisins, chia seeds & maca powder.

I had some pomegranate for a snack while watching documentaries all day. I like documentaries, I don't know about you guys. Today I watched the Earthlings (horribly sad movie, but I wanted my husband to see it), the Gerson Therapy & the Beautiful Truth. All are well worth your time to watch! If you have streaming Netflix the last two I mentioned are streaming. 

Hippy pack time!!!!!! This is my fourth or fifth hippy pack exchange so far. It's something fun that I invented :) This hippy pack was from Jenny over at Vegan & So Forth . I got so many awesome things I don't even know where to begin! 

This was from her daughter. How sweet huh? Jenny you can show your daughter that I have this hanging up on my fridge now :)

Here's the loot! Organic brownie mix, unbleached eco friendly muffin cups, chickpea fritatta mix, organic jelly, an awesome soy pine scented candle and holder, two different types of organic tea, hazelnut butter, superfood mix, candies, vegan bubble gum & plant lollipop! 

This was so cool I thought. It looks like a lollipop but it's a parsley plant! Isn't this just the coolest idea?? I can't wait to plant it! Where did you get this Jenny? This is a good gift for my coworkers during Christmas or Valentines Day even :)

My husband already claimed the soy pine candle. He LOVES pine scented candles. This is already lit in his bathroom as you can see. Thanks so much Jenny for all the great things in my hippy pack! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed mine!
Zuchini in my Spiralizer. (I cut my finger pretty bad trying to clean the blade.)

Here is the veggies all cut up and ready to go in the spring rolls. Here we have organic golden carrots, organic zucchini, avocado and mint. The mint looks weird because I had it in the freezer. 

Here is the final product that we had for lunch with some peanut dipping sauce that I made. 

I only have $20 left to last me the next week and a half until payday, so what better to spend it on then fresh veggies! I bought two bags of organic carrots and I already had some oranges and lemons in the fridge. 

I bought two bags of organic apples. We need these for juicing. I also got myself a glass tupperware for work lunches since my schedule recently switched from part to full time so now I need to bring lunches. If anyone else wants to do a hippy pack I'm down, but it'll have to be spaced out as I don't have any money at this very moment:) Have a great nights rest for work tomorrow everyone!


  1. Wow those spring rolls look amazing! I've never made them but I guess they look pretty easy if you have rice paper? I'm jealous of your hippy pack, too; who doesn't love getting packages of goodies in the mail!

  2. I want a piece of art from Jenny's little daughter! That kid is out of control cute!

    (I'm feeling nice today, so I won't make a comment about your hubby lighting the candle in the bathroom).

  3. Your spring rolls look great - too bad about cutting yourself on the spiralizer. I think I've done that exactly once on each blade I have (mandolin, food processor, blender, etc.) It's almost like it's necessary before I can really be careful ;)

    Funny you posted on Gerson Therapy - I didn't see the documentaries you mentioned but I did just watch Food Matters on Netflix and they mentioned it. I had mixed feelings about that documentary. I'll have to check out your recommendations.

  4. Yeah, I actually just saw a book at work about Gerson therapy and thumbed through it a little. I guess it's coming up.
    The spring rolls look fabulous and I've always wanted a spiralizer to make veggie spaghetti but I've never seen them in a roll! Where did you get the rice paper?
    Also, isn't Jenny the nicest? I got a box from her last year and it was filled with goodies! But no artwork :(

  5. Those spring rolls look so good and many fresh veggies!

    I love that parsley plant and all the fun stuff Jenny sent. The chickpea frittata mix sounds good too!

  6. Diane- They are super easy to make with rice paper. They are pretty much raw too!

    Shen- She's adorable :) And I know what you are thinking and you are right. Haha, it's the bathroom that two boys share so what can I say. All I know is it's a hazard zone.

    Jess- I always cut myself! Just like you. I almost sliced my whole top of my thumb off this time! I am watching Food Matters now by the way thanks to your recommendation.

    Foodfeud- vcccccccccccrttttttttttt ( That's what my cat Panther wanted to tell you) haha! I really like the idea of the Gerson therapy and truly believe it would work! Luckly for us all, we are pretty close to it already! We are vegans! I actually found rice paper at Hyvee near my house believe it or not! And yes, I love Jenny :)

    Rose- I love making them with zucchini noodles in place of rice noodles :) I know, I am excited to try the frittata too!

  7. stuff from Jenny! That was too sweet of her daughter also. :o)

    Your spring rolls look great...sorry you cut yourself though. :-( Those blades are way sharp!

    A hippy pack sounds fun!

  8. We have the same spiralizer.. I really love it!

    Netflix has so many awesome documentaries.. I really love having access to streaming video!

    Beautiful spring rolls.. I need to make some.. so many people are making them. I have rice paper wraps too.

  9. I have seen those two Gerson documentaries too. They were definitely interesting. Netflix is the best.

    Cute idea to add spiralized veggies to spring rolls.


  10. love that oatmeal! :)

    and that parsley plant is really, really cool!

  11. oh! and i forgot to add that i love your pets! they are the cutest! i have a cat at my mom's house but my apartment doesn't allow pets. i miss her sooo much and i always think how wonderful it would be to have a kitty welcome me home every day. :)

  12. What a great exchange! So cute that her daughter sent you something, too. :)

    The spring rolls look amazing. Spring rolls with peanut sauce is one of my favorite foods. Yum! I hope your finger is better, though!

  13. Thanks for posting on my blog! Nice to meet you. I will add you to my blogroll as well! :)

  14. Awesome post. I love the hippy packs. I tried watching documentaries like earthlings, but I threw up...

  15. Thanks for all the love in this post and the comments, everyone. I feel all warm and fuzzy! I'm glad you enjoyed your box as much as I enjoyed mine! I will try to write a post and publish it tonight!!!

    I got the plant lollipop at a new store in Little Rock called Eco Fab. They had other herbs, too. I think it was around $2.99, maybe?

    I'm glad the candle went over well. I wanted to send something with "Arkansas" on it.

    R was excited to see her drawing online. :)

    Do those movies have any impact on your husband?

  16. Justin's Nut Butter. That's the first thing I saw..Mmm. Everything you shared is so wonderful and delicious :D God Bless and thank you for sharing it all Carissa!

  17. I've heard of Earthlings, but not watched it.

    Your Hippy Pack is just so cool and so considered.

    I want to get me a sprilizer. I've never seen one for sale in the U.K, so may just have to order one on-line one of these days.

  18. I love documentaries too (and have watched a number of them via Neflix). My husband actually bought a copy of Earthlings, but I knew it would be way too upsetting so I haven't watched it.

    I love the "parsley pop" thingie - very cool.

    I so enjoy reading your blog!

  19. The spring rolls incredibly appetizing!
    I am a fellow blogger, started in Sept 2010 - you may find some recipes of mine interesting - visit when you have a moment -

    I look forward to vising your blog :)

  20. That spiralizer looks cool. Be careful next time!

  21. Michelle- I know those blades are SUPER sharp. I always cut myself on them. The cut still hasn't healed and it's been over a week.

    Melo- Gotta love that spiralizer! I have only used it for zucchini so far. What have you used it for?

    Ali- I thought both documentaries were very interesting! I love Netflix. I have started to always add the zucchini in place of rice noodles in my spring rolls.

    Kim- Thank you, I love my babies too. I love how they greet me when I walk in the door. Maybe you can get one once you have a different libing situation huh?

    Molly- I know I thought so too :) I LOVE spring rolls too!

    HayMark- Thanks for stopping by! I'll be coming by often now :)

  22. Viv- I know it makes me physically sick as well. And I cry SOOOO much!

    Jenny- Thanks so much girl, you are the best! I am thinking about ordering those pops for group presents for my coworkers, thanks! It's a great vegan present! Earthlings did effect him the first day he watched it, but he just went back to his normal eating after that. We just have to pray that something will speak to him one of these times, and he will chose to give up meat. Even if he were to just be a vegetarian it would make me much happier!

    Jeri- God bless as well! I haven't tried Justin's yet, but can't wait to try it!

    Mangocheeks-I ordered my spiralizer online. I think on Amazon. Check it out! It would be great for you because you are way more creative with recipes than I.

    Rachel- Earthlings is definitely very upsetting! Watching it twice was almost more than I could handle. I mean, I cry over road kill!

    Nowserving- I will stop by your blog right away. Thanks for coming by mine :)

    Blessedmama- I love it. I know, I am clumsy ;)


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