Sunday, September 19, 2010

Edward & Sons Review

This one is LONG past due, sorry Edward & Sons!

Edward & Sons were kind enough to send me a box of goodies! They sent me organic sliced peaches, miso-cup, organic croutons, quick gravy, coconut milk, two gluten free crackers- brown rice snaps & exotic rice toast. What I love about this company is that they have such a wide variety of products to chose from. I enjoyed their organic canned peaches in a peach cobbler that I made and the organic croutons on a few different salads. You guys all know how I feel about things being organic too, so that always makes me happy to see that label on products. My mother in law was happy to know that they carried gluten free options for her as she is gluten free. If you go to THIS page it will tell you which of their products are vegan, dairy-free, corn-free, egg-free, etc. 

I LOVE their organic coconut flakes! I make an awesome raw dessert with their coconut flakes. You can check out the recipe HERE. They also make organic coconut flour which I would love to try! 

Check out their website and products HERE.
Thanks again Edward & Sons!
*As always, I was not paid for this review and Edward & Sons sent me these products for free to sample.*


  1. I love Edward & Sons products! Actually I just ate a good scoop of mint chip ice cream in one of their yummy cones. Ther croutons are great too. We used to be able to find the plain ones locally, but lately all we can find is the Italian Herbs kind. Bummer. They're good, but sometimes I need to add my own seasonings to make stuffing! :)

  2. I've had their coconut water before, and liked it. Thanks for the review of the other items.

  3. I don't I have seen this brand locally. But I will keep an eye open for it now.


  4. You've got to review some fun stuff!

  5. Tinned coconut water - what a genius idea!

  6. I've never had anything by Edward and Sons, but now I want to! Lucky girl.

  7. River- I have been wanting to try their cones! I am glad you did!

    Rose- To be honest, I don't do coconut juice from the can. I guess because I am spoiled with always having had the real stuff. Even here in Nebraska, they sell fresh coconuts but they are from Mexico and taste totally different from Hawaii coconuts.

    Ali- Definitely do! Let me know what you try!

    Jenny- I love doing reviews!

    Theresa- Haha, do they no have that over there?

    Blessedmama- Try and look them up. I am sure that your Wholefoods has things by them :)


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