Monday, April 19, 2010

Week One: Raw Food

I finally went on my long needed shopping trip yesterday to Wholefoods. In Hawaii, it is a far drive. It is on the other side of the island, so I normally only make it out there once a month. I bought a bunch of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Let's see what all I got...Two types of organic kale, baby spinach, zucchini, eggplant, onions, basil, green onions, pears, mangos, blood oranges, avocados, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cashews, mushrooms, dried dates, red quinoa, dried coconut and a few other things. I made an awesome raw dessert that I just have to share!

RAW Coconut Dessert

3 cups unsweetened dried coconut flakes
1 cup real maple syrup
1/3 cup coconut oil
1 1/2 cups cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 TBSP vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt

Combine all the ingredients. Roll into small bowls with hands and then place them in parchment paper. Wrap each individual ball in parchment paper. Freeze. Enjoy!

These are sooooo good! Like coconut ice cream!

I just recently discovered chia seeds and wow! How did I not know about these before?! They are so extremely good for you. Why should you eat chia you say?

Chia seeds are said to contain:

2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
5 times the calcium of milk, plus boron which is a trace mineral that helps transfer calcium into your bones
2 times the amount of potassium as bananas
3 times the reported antioxidant strength of blueberries
3 times more iron than spinach
copious amounts of omega 3 and omega 6, which are essential fatty acids
They are also a complete source of protein, providing all the essential amino acids in an easily digestible form. They are also a fabulous source of soluble fiber.

Stats courtesy of: Raw Reform

Chia seeds can be added to anything that you eat on a daily basis. I add them to smoothies or juice. Basically, you let them sit for a few minutes and then they expand and the juice or water becomes slightly gelatinous. I am drinking mine in water today. It is a little weird in just water. It doesn't have much taste to it. Just a weird textured water drink :) I don't mind though!

So Day 1 of my rawness, this was my menu:

1 blood orange

Kale & spinach salad

Kale, apple, & pear smoothie
Pesto stuffed mushrooms

2 coconut dessert balls
1 cup of herbal tea

Today is a little harder because I work today. I brought some things to hold me over though. I brought a jar of chia seeds & water, a green smoothie, and a sprouted pita bread with avacado, sprouts, spinach, and onions inside. I'll keep you updated :) Also, I tried to add pictures on here but I am having problems. I will add pics later!


  1. Good luck with your raw experiment. Are you time limiting it (raw month?) or trying it on for good?

  2. Theresa,

    I am just trying it for now, no time limit. If I can figure out enough recipes to make, then I'll stick to it! I mean, I was a vegetarian and I am now almost completely a vegan so I figure, why not raw? I see the potential health benefits of going raw for life though! Do you have any recipes or advice for me?

  3. No, sorry, I'm not raw by any means. Aside from salads and smoothies I don't make any 'raw foods'. Though every now and then we do make zucchini noodles using a veggie peeler to grate off thin strips...

  4. Ya, I actually just purchased a veggie peeler that makes them into a noodle form? It's a super cool idea! I bought it on amazon so I am still waiting for it to come in. I thought it might help me be able to get my younger brother and husband to eat raw every once in a while. They are both meat eaters so it's hard. If I come up with good recipes then they will eat them though. So that is what I am working on.

  5. Hey Carissa,

    what do you feed your pets?

  6. Hey Irina,

    Both of my guinea pigs eat timothy hay pellets along with lots of fruits and vegetables. My cats eat Wellness Healthy Weight, mostly dry only but sometimes Wellness Core wet food. They also always have organic cat grass available. My dog eats Innova Large Breed. I have been trying to find a good vegetarian formula for him, but none of them seem like good enough quality. I am very picky with my pets and only want the best for them. For Sonic, my dog, I feed him Innova and sometimes mix in some veggies like avocado, carrots, peas, green beans or whatever we have in the house. My turtle used to be on regular turtle food until I read the ingredients. It has lots of corn and fish. Pretty crappy food actually. So now he eats dried meal worms with a reptile vitamin sprinkled on them. I try to give him dandelion greens and kale, but he just will not eat them. I hope this answers your question! I refuse to feed my cats anything but a carnivorous diet because it would compromise their health. My dog on the other hand could go either way. That is why I am always on the look out for a GOOD quality vegetarian dog food. Let me know if you know of any?

  7. hey, I think this recipe is going to save me eating "whole foods" this week! yay! I was totally needing something chocolate and sweet (pms) :) thanks!

  8. Hey Julia, Yes! I love this recipe! It's very rich :)


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