Monday, September 13, 2010

Most Versatile Blogger Award

For this award, I am to share 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 5 deserving blogs. Thanks Jessica :)

 I broke my back when I was 15 jumping off a water fall. It was in the newspaper and on TV.

 I like animals more than people :)

My personality type is INFP from the book Please Understand Me. It is a very rare personality type.

I love fruit and could eat it all day every day!

Jesus is the Lord of my life and I would probably be dead today without Him.

 I have almost stolen animals from pet stores before because their living conditions were sooooo bad.

I would love to have a few farm animals. I've never lived anywhere where that was possible but if I could I would have one pig, one cow, a turkey (two if he/she wanted a friend), a chicken, a sheep and a goat. They would all be best friends, I decided. If I could only chose one though, it would be a cow. People need to come face to face with the reality of what they are serving for dinner. 

Now, the five people I would like to pass this on to are: 

Tiffany - Bread without Butter
Ali- Vegan Epicurean
Blessed Mama- Blessed Vegan Life
Rose- Dandelion
Crooked Moon Mama

Sorry but I could only chose 5. You know I love you all :)


  1. You found your own graphic! Hooray. Wow - broke your back? As teens we do such silly things and feel invincible, I'm glad you made it through!

    I hear you on the pet stores, I thought that didn't happen any more but I found out otherwise a few weeks ago...

  2. You broke your neck? It is unbelievable you are with us and okay and this is coming from someone that used to work in an ortho rehab hospital. You are charmed that is for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your award wtih me that is very sweet of you.


  3. I liked reading this about you!

  4. Ouch! That must have been some jump! I also like animals more than people, and I would also love to have a farm full of animals that are best friends! :)

  5. Very interesting facts about yourself...I can't believe you broke your glad that you pulled through!

    I feel the same way about animals in general: like them better than humans anyday; they are far more noble.

    And, I can't even go into pet shops...they are so depressing. I share your feelings about wanting to get the poor animals out of there.

    Thanks for the award! :) :O)

  6. Thanks for the award, Carissa! Actually, I passed it along to you, too, a couple of days ago--I only posted about it and didn't get around to letting you know--so I guess we sort of swapped it without knowing it LOL!

    It was fun learning more about you. I'm glad you recovered from breaking your back (that's so scary!), and sometimes I also like animals more than people. :)

  7. I think I speak for everyone when I say we'd all like to hear more about jumping off the waterfall. What was your motivation? Were others doing it succesfully?

    (I'm an INFP too, didn't know it was considered rare).

  8. Glad to read this AND that your back healed! I'm glad to hear that you want some farm animals. Adam and I talk about having a pig and goat someday :)

  9. I am glad you all liked my post. It was hard to come up with 7 random things, but I succeeded! Well, basically what happened with my whole back breaking thing was this: My friend wanted to go waterfall jumping for her birthday. It was two of my friends, their dad, and me. Everyone jumped before me a few times. I have a bad fear of heights so I wasn't looking forward to jumping the 40 ft waterfall. I finally got up the nerve to do it, jumped off, hit the water, broke my back. I didn't know it was broken when I hit the water but I knew something was wrong because I couldn't even swim. My friends pulled me out and said they were going to call an ambulance. I said not to and that I would be fine in a sec. I wasn't fine. They called the ambulance any way. I broke L1 and L2 my bottom vertebrae. They said that I should have become paralyzed. I wore a back brace for a few months and then I was back to normal. Crazy though. I thank God for saving me from being paralyzed! That's all :)

  10. Oh, and Shen that is so cool you are an INFP too! I have only met one other in my life and her and I are very similar! Nice to meet another one!

  11. Carissa,

    You really were extremely lucky! Glad it all turned out okay.

    My brother-in-law broke his neck and has had many surgeries to fix it. Fortunately is is mostly fine now except a few range of motions issues. Anything with the spine can be permanent. I saw so many people (in the hospital) that were not as lucky as you and my BIL.


  12. Ali- I am glad that your brother in law is doing well also! I occasionally get lower back pain, but it's not unbearable :)

  13. So good to learn a little more about you Carissa.

    I like animals more than people too. The thing thats funny though - I work in human relations (HR).

    Thaks for introducing us to other fellow blogger (yes we know you love us all) :D

  14. I'm glad you survived, we need all the INFPs we can get! I never heard of this activity till yesterday, but after an internet search, I see it is quite common.

  15. Thanks for the versatility nod. :)
    I know what you mean about pet stores...ghastly things they are...


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