Friday, September 10, 2010

Hippy Packs

1 organic red beet, 2 organic kale leaves, 1 honeycrisp apple, and 1 gala apple.
Coconut milk yogurt with organic strawberries, chia seeds, and some homemade granola. 

My hippy pack arrived!!! "Hippy packs" or so I like to call them are something that I invented. I have a couple people right now that I do hippy packs with. I didn't really make any rules for them, except that they have to be vegetarian friendly. There is no price limit either. They are so fun to give and to receive. 

In my hippy pack this month, I received a pretty tshirt made by a brand called Threadless, date coconut rolls (made with dates, coconut, and almonds), vegan almond soap, and homemade granola. I love everything in my pack! Thanks Julia for my pack! I love you :) Just to put it out there, if anyone would be interested in doing a hippy pack with me I would be down. Just let me know! 

I ordered another vegan pizza at Whole Foods this Wednesday for $10 Wednesdays. This one had Daiya and spinach. Honestly, it was gross. I won't be getting this combo again. I just tasted really soggy for some reason.

 Tomatillas and roma tomatoes for some salsa.

Red & Green Salsa

4 small roma tomatoes
2-3 tomatillas
1/2 an onion
3 garlic
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper

Cilantro Quinoa

1 cup quinoa (cooked in a rice cooker)
1/4 cup olive oil
Green Onions

This does not look super appetizing but it was pretty darn good! This was a filling I made for my tacos. I didn't like the picture of the tacos so I didn't post it. What I added to this was the following:

1/2 green bell pepper
1/2 red bell pepper
1 can kidney beans (black beans would be better)
1/2 onion
1 corn cob 
Celery seed
Salt & Pepper
1/4 cup Veganese
1/2 cup Sour Supreme

I will be doing my Most Versatile Award next, once I figure out what exactly I have to write about :)


  1. how good does that juice look, wonderful
    such a fun idea with the hippy packs, if only .. am in the UK x

  2. Food that does not look the most appealing to the eyes, often excites the tongue with flavour.

    I'm still not quite familiar with chia seeds. Not something i've seen in the U.K health stores.

  3. Your juice looks and sounds yummy. I've been having a hard time finding beets for some reason, so I still haven't been able to make a juice out of beets.
    Hippy cool...that sounds like fun! I would be totally up for that!
    Your salsa looks delish. I need to buy some tomatillas. I love that salsa, but our grocery store never has any that looks good enough to buy.

  4. Love the juice with beets and apples. ;-) Nice looking salsa too! Sometimes the recipes that taste the best just aren't beauty contest winners. But the taste is the important thing.


  5. Hey sissy :) I want a hippie pack! Gimme. lol. Hwy how dod I get pics of my kit cats on the side of my blog like yours?

  6. I love that you put the juice in the Coors glass. I do the same thing. I like the almond soap in the hippy pack - I'm getting better and better with vegan household products. (First to go were tallow-filled dryer sheets!)

    The award is supposed to be sharing 7 things about yourself and passing it along to 5 or more blogs that you think are fabulous, interesting, and deserving. Maybe these awards seem silly, but it's a fun way to share the blogs you like. I've found several new ones to read after seeing them highlighted in awards like this.

  7. That taco filling does look good. You mean the kernels from on cob of corn I presume? Looks like living in Nebraska may not be as heinous as I'd imagined.

  8. I can't believe that pizza was gross! Badly done, Whole Foods. Badly done! :D

    What a lovely hippy pack!

  9. Hippy packs sound great! I'd love to make a trade with you sometime :)

  10. Nocton- Sure I am down. Email me!

    Mangocheeks- You should buy some on Amazon. That is actually where i buy mine from because it's cheepest.

    Michelle-Email me and we can exchange hippy pack info :) My email is on the side bar at the top of my blog fyi.

    Ali-That is totally how I feel. Taste is most important!

    Cass- If you want we can exchange too! But I have a feeling I would send you one and not get one back ;) Love you sis

    Jessica- Ew tallow in dryer sheets? Gross!

    Shen- Yup kernals from the cob. Haha, corn is everywhere here so I have to use it somehow. It's 10cents a cob right now!

    River- I know I was so disapointed! Hippy packs are fun!

    Cassie- I'm down! Email me and we can exchange addresses :)

  11. I've been away too long. I even missed out on a giveaway - bummer! Hippy packs sound fun - I want to play; if you get too many people interested, you should organize a little swap - would be fun!


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