Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Green juice & green hummus

I juiced this with my new BlendTec. How awesome is that!? There is a juice setting and it juices what ever you add in there. I think it's better than a juicer because nothing gets wasted. This juice was:
 1 organic golden beet, 
2 leaves of organic kale, 
and 1 organic green apple.
 It was pretty grassy tasting, so next time I'll add one more apple. I didn't mind it. My husband was a little grossed out though. 

Here was a raspberry lager that I tried.

I made some wonderful hummus for lunch the past couple days. I personally like to use dried beans to make hummus, because I hate using canned anything, but I've been using canned lately because I did not know that the guy we are staying with had a slow cooker! Now that I know, I bought some dried garbanzo beans today.

Cilantro Hummus

1 can organic garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
4 garlic cloves
half an organic lemon's juice, squeezed
1-2 Tbsp organic tahini
1 handful cilantro
2 Tbsp organic olive oil
Sea salt
Water, enough to incorporate 

Blend this all together. Eat!

I went to Whole Foods today and I guess that Wednesday is $10 for a pizza day. I asked if it would still be $10 if I got a vegan pizza and she said yes. She suggested Daiya cheese with vegan sausage, so I said that that sounded good. Not bad for $10 huh?
I forgot to take a picture before I started eating it in the car ;o)

 My boy Sonic playing with his new friend named Dakota.
My big boy Nano giving me a kiss.


  1. I love the green stuff too. ;-) We have to add more carrot or apple for Dan too. I think it is must be a guy thing.

    Since you like cilantro hummus try adding some jalapeno or serrano if you like heat. I like mine that way.

    I hear you on making your own beans from dried. The less canned stuff the better I think.

    You fur babies seem to be adapting to Nebraska quite well. ;-)


  2. The cilantro aka coriander hummus looks splendid.

  3. Your cilantro hummus looks delish! I'll have to try that! It looks like your babies are happy. And, yay for Sonic...he has a new friend. :o)

  4. That raspberry beer is such a pretty color. And, your hummus sounds that you added cilantro. Score on the pizza!

    Thanks as usual for the picks of your adorable animal companions; they always brighten up my day. Great that Sonic is already making new friends!

  5. Dang! Our Whole Foods in Virginia doesn't have vegan pizza! What's that about?

  6. Aussies call cilantro 'coriander', but whatever it is called, it is delicious. Adding it to hummus is a great idea. That pizza looks fantastic, and I'm also really intrigued by the raspberry lager.

  7. Hey everyone, it's not letting me edit my post but I forgot to say that I added cumin as well!

    Ali- I'll definitally try some jalepeno next time! I've also been meaning to try green onions too.

    Mangocheeks- it's very yummy! Do try making some:)


  8. Michelle- let me know if you try it!

    Rose- I am so glad that my babies can brighten your day as they do mine.

  9. Shen- try just asking um! They'll probably do it! That's what I did. They said they don't advertise it because no one orders it here.

    Theresa- Good to know! Ya the raspberry lager was gooood.

  10. Oh man, I *LOVE* my new Blendtec! I will be blogging about it very soon! :D

    That pizza looks so good! I love that Whole Foods makes vegan pizza with Daiya now!

    Aww, your pup and his buddy are so cute! And your sweet little Nano just made me melt into a puddle of goo! :)

  11. River- Isn't the Blendtec just amazing!? Yes Whole Foods makes vegan pizza, you just have to ask. Nebraska doesn't have it on the menu, so just ask and they will most likely do it for you. I am glad you liked the pics of my babies. Nano always makes me melt :)

  12. That green hummus looks great. I have not made my own hummus, but I'd like to try, especially if it's green!

    As usual I love seeing pictures of your sweet animals.

  13. Hold the phone....really? Our WF's vegan pizzas are $2o with no discounts ever! That's what I get for living in S. CA. :(

  14. Miss Rachel- Hummus is so easy to make, and fun because you can pretty much season it any way you want :)

    CrookedMoonMama- Oh I believe it! In Hawaii they are over $20! That's why I almost fell over when they told me $10!

  15. Jenny- I wish it was yummy but it wasn't :(


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