Tuesday, November 24, 2009


before & after

The one on top was taken the day she was found. The next picture is of her in her new home after she was taken to the groomer.
I got an email from someone who found my website and needed my help. The lady said that her son had found this dog in a park near their house. She told me that they asked around the whole neighborhood and schools, and no one claimed her. They were contacting me because the complex they live in only allows two pet per house. They were already at their limit. I came down and picked her up and was lucky enough to find her a foster home the same day. We had her scanned for a microchip, and she had one. I then called the number on the microchip to tell them we had their dog. They said they did not want her. I just couldn't believe someone wouldn't want her! She was such a sweet and beautiful dog!
After a couple weeks, her foster home could no longer keep her because she was having bad allergies. She had named her Rasha. So I found Rasha another foster home with a girl that I worked with. I knew that she would be an awesome haven for Rasha for the time being, until we found her a forever home. It had not even been a week when I got the call that they wanted to adopt her. She got along great with their other dog Saul, and they had fallen in love with her.
She is now living the life of a queen. She has quite a selection of toys, bones, and dog beds. She is regularly taken to the groomers where she is given a bath, hair cut, brushed out, deep conditioned, teeth cleaned, nails trimmed & painted, and paws moisturized. She is also taken to the park to run with Saul daily. What a life huh?


  1. This is such a lovely story! I'm so glad you were able to place her. What a gorgeous baby she is!

    PS- for some reason your blog posts aren't updating on my blogroll... It still shows your last post as two weeks ago...?

  2. I wonder why it's no updating? Maybe if you click on "follow" then it'll work better?

  3. I started 'following' you and it worked! You're now updating on my blogroll! :)


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