Sunday, November 1, 2009

Half day

Today was my half-day of work. I worked from 9-1 today, so I'm definitely not complaining! After work I had to rush home to pick up Silver (SCARS 6 week old kitten) and take him to the foster family who was patiently waiting for me at Walmart. Then I put my boy Sonic in the car, and took off to check on my friend's kittens. I am pet-sitting them while she is away. Sonic got to have a quick romp in her backyard, but wasn't quite satisfied. So after her house, we drove to the park and I let him run to his heart's content. We both got all muddy in the process :)
Tonight my husband and I had dinner at Genki Sushi. I enjoy going there because they have a nice veggie selection. I got the eggplant nigiri, green bean tempura roll, vegetarian roll, & 2 orders of their special which was pumpkin tempura!

It was so good!

Then my husband let me stop at one of my favorite stores, Down to Earth. I picked up a few a the essentials like Kombucha, Tofutti cream cheese, and coconut milk ice cream. mmmm....

My favorite Komucha Synergy flavors so far are the grape & strawberry flavors.

I also got the go to Celestial Foods today and got to grab a few more things like some nutritional yeast, pomegranate, hazelnut soy creamer, crystalized ginger, amino acids, garbanzo beans, & quinoa. That's kind of a strange list now that I look at it. I need to get some sleep. It's midnight. Good night all!

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