Monday, May 3, 2010

These are few of my raw favorite things

My husband got me a juicer! Yay! I've been having kale-apple juice pretty much daily now.

I just ordered this on Amazon. It's awesome! It makes your raw veggies into noddles!

What you see in the bowl here is zuchinni noodles. I then made some fresh pesto to put

on top. This just makes eating raw so much easier!

This is my Rahjah boy sticking tongue :D


  1. Aww, cute kitteh photo! I love my juicer, we use it so often. I've always been interested in a spiraliser as well but I don't think we'd use it often enough. Those zuke noodles do look pretty amazing, however!

  2. Thanks Theresa, he's the baby of my four cats :) Yes, I love my juicer too! Also, the spiraliser is so fun! So far I have only used it for zuchinni, but I want to try it on other things too!

  3. Kale apple juice. I need to give that a go one-day.

    I need to get myself a sprialiser.

  4. Yes! It tastes great, well to me at least ;) It really just takes on the apple juice flavor with a hint of kale. (Kale doesn't produce a whole lot of juice.) The spiraliser is awesome too! Love it!


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