Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh how I love seeds!

My good friend Jenny introduced me to a site called Rare Seeds. They have any type of vegetable or herb imaginable! I checked it out and went a little crazy. Once you start adding things to the cart you can't go back. Just check out and be happy :) I ordered about $24 worth of seeds. This is a list of what I got:
Purple of Sicily Cauliflower
Cosmic Purple Carrot
Wormwood (Not shipped to all states)
Dill Bouquet
Toothache Plant
Thai Sweet Basil
Bennings Green Tint Scallop Squash
Chia - Crown Jewels
Tigger Melon
Flamingo Pink Chard
I am so excited to get my seeds in the mail! Oh, and also, allof their seeds are open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural & non-GMO!


  1. OK, I am following you :-) Let me know when you want the organic seeds I have for you. Love your pictures!

  2. Thanks! I definitely want some of the wheatgrass!


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