Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Desserts & Kittys

Today is my third "Snow Day" since I've been here. Regular school was canceled but the early childhood center part of school still stays open so that people who work can still drop off their kids there. So I worked a shorter day, which was nice. I just worked 8:30-1:30. I am crossing my fingers for another snow day tomorrow because if there is then I am off! I work every other snow day. The weather man is saying it might be -30 tomorrow with wind chill, so I would think that school would cancel. 

For breakfast I had my regular green smoothie. This one had two leaves of organic kale (save stems for vegetable stock), one organic banana, two menjool dates, two Tbsp chia seeds, ginger and cinnamon with enough water to process. This is enough to make two small smoothies or one large one for yourself. I always make one for my husband as well, because he doesn't eat most of the food I make, but he will drink this :)

My favorite tea cup, well, one of my favorite. It has a strainer that you can take in an out. I try to drink tea daily, but I drink so many smoothies and I also try to drink water so I sometimes forget. Its better that way for me though, because before I would ONLY drink tea and coffee all day. I've been drinking a lot of moroccan mint green tea.
This was dinner last night. I had a spinach tortilla from TJ's with long red peppers, a little Daiya and homemade hummus (garbanzo beans, tahini, coconut oil, garlic & cumin) with a Bubbies pickle. I also made a smoothie for my husband and I which contained the following: organic coconut milk (no sugar), TJ's frozen mango, TJ's frozen pineapple, half an organic banana, frozen blueberries, chia seeds, organic golden flax seeds, dates and half an avocado. This was the sweetest smoothie I've had in a while, but it was so so good!
It is winter, as you all know, and winter is not a season I am accustom to or familiar with. My skin does not like winter, I found out. I've never had a problem with dry skin, but here my skin is super dry. It gets so dry that it hurts. So last night I finally took the time to make an easy bath soak to help with dry skin.

The tied cheese cloth is filled with ground organic oats and turmeric. I used a mortar to grind up my oats, but you can easily use your blender. (I chose not to because I had just washed mine.) Oats help to sooth skin irritation while turmeric softens your skin and leaves it glowing! In India, they apply turmeric to their entire bodies before a wedding to leave their skin glowing. The third thing you need is some type of milk or cream. I ended up using some of my husbands cow milk because I was out of my own milk. You can use any type of creamy milk though like coconut, hemp or hazelnut. Just be sure that you don't have skin allergies to any of the nut milks you use or you or NOT going to be happy with your bath results :) Just pour milk into hot bath along with your cheesecloth. While in the bath try to squeeze out as much juice from the cheesecloth as you can. I did notice my skin had a certain glow afterward.
Now, on to more unhealthy things. These are pretty much the easiest, tastiest and most unhealthy dessert ever! All you need is a box of brownies and Oreos. I used Dr Oetkers Organic Brownie mix from Jenny's hippy pack to me. You can use either Oreos or Newman O's. I just so happened to have Oreos, so Oreos it is! All you need to do is mix your brownie mix like normal and then fill up your cupcake cup about half way. Then add the Oreo. Lastly, fill up the rest of the cupcake cup. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Not the best picture because I was so excited to eat it. Mmmmmmmm

My husband got a donut maker for Christmas, so of course I had to try to make some vegan donuts. I used THIS recipe but just changed it a little. For the frosting I just melted down vegan chocolate chips with a little coconut milk. Pretty good for my first shot!
This is pretty much a nightly routine for Nano and Panther. They sleep all day and then are very active at night time. Which just so happens to be the normal time that us humans are trying to sleep. Panther likes to chase and bother Nano. Nano doesn't like exercise or moving of any kind.

Rahjah is laying on my husband's stomach while we watch TV with Sonic. He craves attention so much. He acts like he never gets any. Spoiled animals. 


  1. What a fun post...so many interesting things. I'm going to try the oatmeal/turmeric bath...I also heard that adding ginger to a bath helps you sweat out toxins.

    Ok, I have to say, Oreo cookies inside brownies sounds over the top yummy...and here I thought I didn't have a sweet tooth! Your donuts look great too.

    My kitties have the same routine...Lucky, who's 2 is very playful and wants to play with Cheeky...she doesn't want to play and just growls and hisses at him. Rahjah looks so sweet.

  2. Ooh I'll have to try that doughnut recipe. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

  3. hey over there, did i read hat right? -30???did you cut a hole in the lid for your straw?

  4. wooow such good stuff! The wrap and pickle look especially good to me. I've been through winter all my life and I still get dry skin- I think part of the problem is that I drink less water in winter :-/ but I was wondering how to make a homemade bath solution, thanks for the tip!

  5. This post is jam-packed with information. In return I offer the following pearls of wisdom:

    Baths are good in winter because while in them, you're perspiring, so that will help your dry skin. Wear moisterizing gloves to bed (slather on lots of hand lotion then put on gloves). You will feel like Minnie Mouse, but your hands will be soft in the a.m.. A pan of water set on top of the home's heat source (floor vent?) helps humidify the air.

  6. What a funny post with your cats. Your green smoothie sounds like my morning breakfast, only I need to try adding ginger & cinnamon. It sounds very tasty:)

  7. Hehe the fighting kitties! I love your smoothie as much as I love the oreo cupcake which I will NOT allow myself to make. But I'm glad you enjoyed them.
    Yeah, my old roommate had a really nice tea cup that kind of reminds me of yours - I wanted to take it when I moved but that would have been too mean, haha.

  8. Can your husband please talk to my husband about how good the green smoothies are? :o)
    Did the bath help to mosturize your skin? That's one thing I hate about the cold weather...dry skin. I've been using raw shea butter mixed with some coconut oil...that helps me more than anything.
    That brownie recipe sounds so good.
    Those donuts look awesome!
    Oh yeah...Daiya cheese does rock! That pickle reminds me now that I forgot to get pickles when I went to Whole Foods....darn! I wanted to try those Bubbies pickles.

  9. Oh, winter is so tough! Growing up it would only get to around 40 on the coldest days, so I never had a coat until I moved away for college. I can't imagine -30! Sounds like you always have a good natural remedy though, so I hope that keeps helping your skin.

    My cats like to fight, too, and they start up when the lights go out. That's a crazy photo you have of them!

  10. Rose-You have naughty kittys too huh? And yes, I love turmeric in my baths! Makes your body all glowy :)

    Tiffany- No problem!

    Michelle- Yes!!! It actually only ended up being -20. HAH, only. And yes I just jammed a knife into the top and made a jagged hole :)

    Diane-I never drink enough water either. No problem! I will post more bath ideas later too :)

    Shen- Thanks for all the great ideas! Haha, I will need to do the mini mouse thing for sure. I am so not used to being dry.

    Health Seeker-I got the cinnamon and ginger idea from Ali at Vegan Epicurean. I love it! It really helps to change up the flavor a little.

    Food Feud- They are SO good. I ate two and then told my husband to bring them to work so I wouldn't eat any more. That was good of you to not take her mug :)

    Michelle- Only if yours will talk to mine about EATING vegan! Yes the bath did help. I made another bath mixture last night that was even more moisterizing. I use the raw cocoa butter sometimes but haven't tried the shea.

  11. Jess- Ya I normally don't get shots of the cats in the act of fighting, but I just so happened to take the photo right when Nano started to hiss. Naughty naughty.

  12. Lucky you getting a snow day! The place I work never had them. Ever. I wish they would!

    I get very dry skin in the winter, too, even though it's relatively humid here year round (well, above 50%, which is humid to me).

    Cute pics of the kitties. Nano looks like Crystal when Sophie's bothering her. She's not into playing with her sister at all. :)

  13. Wow, negative any number sounds like really harsh weather. May you have a warm and moisturized week! :)

  14. Desserts and kitties - two of my favorite things! Those Oreo cupcake things look amazing - unhealthy yes, but YUM!!!

    I like the action shot of the cats, and the inaction shot too - so sweet. I miss having a kitty around.

  15. Thanks for the bath soak recipe. I have some trouble with dry skin and will have to try this out sometime. Have you checked out goodreads yet?! What funny kitties!

    By the way, I have stopped by your brother's blog. For some reason I couldn't leave a comment, but I will try again soon.


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