Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thoughts leading up to Christmas

My random Christmas thoughts...

  • This is the first Christmas that any of us three have been away from our families for Christmas. I hope there isn't too much crying...
  • For the first year ever, none of my cats have tried to climb the tree...yet.
  • Please let there be a hedgehog, great dane, snake or tarantula under the tree on Christmas! Please let there be a hedgehog, great dane, snake or tarantula under the tree on Christmas! Please let there be a hedgehog, great dane, snake or tarantula under the tree on Christmas! 
  • I still need to buy one more present for my husband and brother, thank goodness I get paid on the 22nd!
  • I wonder if the church we are going to now does a candlelight Christmas Eve service?
  • I love Advent!
  • Thanks little brother for buying me a life sized stuffed reindeer! 
  • What in the world am I going to make for Christmas dinner?
  • I miss my family and friends.
  • I still need to get stocking stuffers.
  • I wonder if it's too late already to do an angel tree gift?
  • Soy Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Starbucks, I must try you!
  • I want one of those "Keep Christ in Christmas" magnets for my car.
  • Is it going to be a "White Christmas"?


  1. Great list! I hope you get a new, fuzzy friend too!

  2. Miss you guys lots now too...Sad we can't be together, but comforted in the knowledge that you are in the Lord's hands and care. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Remember, some of those animals you are asking for can't come back to Hawaii when (not if) you come back some day. Love you bunches and bunches.

  3. I bet your hubby has gotten the hint, LOL. Can't wait to hear which new baby you get.

  4. Aww, the first Christmas away may be difficult, but at least you have your own little family around you, which is wonderful.

    What if you get all the critters on the list? Then you'd have your hands full! lol! It'll be fun to see who turns up.

    I hope all your wishes come true.


  5. Hey Carissa! Go to this link for those pumpkin muffins that I made the other day.
    The cranberries were great in them. If you make them, let me know how you liked them.

    I hope you have a good Christmas! I know it's hard being away from home, but at least you still have family to spend your Christmas with. I hope you get what you asked for. :o) Can't wait to see what you get.

  6. Ooo, I think the hedgehog is my pick! But any of them would be wonderful.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! And don't forget that you carry everyone in your heart, even if you can't see them :)

  7. eeeee xmas is so close! Being away from family is hard. We're a small group this year, with most of the family spread out across the country. This is my first holiday in the USA though. Should be a memorable one. Wishing you all the best!

  8. My thoughts list randomly just like yours :D Excitement, joy, some whoa thoughts. I hope there aren't any critters under your tree either! Have a wonderful Christmas Carissa. Sending blessings and love to you n your whole family.

  9. You'll have a really nice Christmas even though you can't be with the rest of your family. You'll be starting your own traditions the 3 of you and it will be very special! Merry Christmas!

  10. Merry Christmas Carissa.

    Hey, you won the calendar giveaway on my blog! Come check it out!

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone and Merry Christmas! I didn't get an animal this year, unfortunately. Oh well, maybe later on in the year right? Valentines Day? Anniversary? Birthday?


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