Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 days to go!

Pinky Smoothie

Chia Seeds
Apple Juice
Raw Protein Powder

A B K Juice
(Apple, Beet & Kale)
Ingredients I used to make some pancakes this morning. They were very coconuty. I wasn't thrilled with them, so I'm not going to post the recipe :)

This was breakfast this morning of tofu scramble and coconut pancakes. I try to stay away from soy lately so this was a treat. I bought some tofu the other day and decided to use part of it for scramble. This is what I used for the tofu scramble:
Organic Tofu
Sweet Green Bell Pepper 
Nutritional Yeast
Himalayan Sea Salt

My husband took me out for Thai the other day. In case I haven't said it before, I absolutely love Thai food. We had vegetable dumplings, tofu pad thai and basil coconut curry. Oh, and how could I forget, I got a Thai iced tea as well. Love those. 

This is pretty much how the weather has been lately. Ew. 

Nano found his new hide out. I don't know if he thinks no one can see him in there or what. I wanted to throw that away, but it looks like I can't now. He loves it in there! Sorry for the dirty laundry on top, but this picture was just too cute to not post. 


  1. First off, you've gone from no posts, to too many posts. There are posts popping up all over the place.

    That smoothie looks incredible. Wish I could make those, but they never work out for me.

    Tofu Scramble AND Pancakes! Now that's a party.

    Nano is definitely invisible in his new digs.

  2. We love Thai, too! Especially Massaman Curry.

    I love Nano's new spot :)

  3. Pinky smoothie looks DELICIOUS!!!!

  4. Shen- I know right? I am crazy like that. I know you can make a good smoothie. I have faith in you! I wanna see a smoothie in your next post :o)

    Cassie- Oh meeee toooo! Love it! Haha, Nano is so silly.

    Candice- Love my smoothies!

  5. Hi, Carissa! Well you weren't kidding - I chose a random post of yours to read first and what do I see but coconut goodies and Thai food right off the bat. :-)

    That photo of Nano is a hoot! Looks like he's checked himself into the isolation ward to get a little break from all the holiday hullabaloo!

    Those Omaha temps are sure a far cry from Oahu's! Stick in an M and swap the U with an A and just look what happens. Stay snug and warm!


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