Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love me some green smoothies

I really have a love for green smoothies. Green is one of favorite colors, so I think that that is a big part of it. I also love the idea of raw food eating. I do not do a lot of it, but I know that I should! Here is what I added to my smoothie last night:

2 cups of organic baby spinach

1 cup organic blueberry juice

1 tsp spirulina

1/2 cup mango

A little random I know, but I work with what I have in my fridge :) This was so very tasty too! I need to go buy some more flax seeds, hemp seeds, and kale badly.

Rahjah & Panther are enjoying some organic cat grass too.


  1. Your raw green smoothie sounds interesting. Mango with spinach together, yeah I can see it working.

    So lovely to make acquaintance with Rahjah and Panther. They certainly appear to be engrossed.

  2. Yes, Panther LOVES his cat grass. I am experimenting with different green smoothies lately. Do you have any good recipes for green smoothies?


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