Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! What will you do to celebrate? I told my husband and brother that when I get home from work tonight the lights are going off and we are having game night by soy candlelight! I was thinking, what can I do differently and special for Earth Day? A lot of the daily things I do are already pretty earth friendly. What I came up with was my reusable toilet paper! Today would be a greta day to start using it. I just have to finish my new set up in my bathroom and it'll be good to go. I do need to get a bicycle also. Then I can be car free and ride to work. I've walked to work a few times but it's a good 4 miles. I don't mind the walk, but I don't like being all sweaty when I get there. Here are a few ideas for what to do to celebrate Earth Day (though we should be doing these things every day:)
  • Start recycling your glass, plastic, paper, and electronics
  • Start a compost (it is SO easy)
  • Start riding your bicycle to work or carpool
  • Plant a tree or garden
  • Adopt a beach or highway
  • Replace as much plastic or paper with cloth products
  • Start making your own cleaning products
  • Make your own dog treats
  • Buy a reusable travel mug instead of getting a disposable plastic one every time you go to Starbucks
  • Go vegetarian, vegan or even better raw!

I took a long drive out to La'ie yesterday, because I had to pick up two cats for SCARShelter named Sassie & Twitch. On the way home we stopped at a coconut stand. They were selling coconuts for $2 each. My husband got me three coconuts and a bag of chopped up coconut. I absolutely LOVE coconuts!

This was my dinner one night.

1 avocado chopped

1-2 mangos chopped

Lime Juice (to taste)

Olive oil (just a drizzle)

Cilantro (maybe a tsp or more to taste)

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