Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recent Eats

 This was my most recent trip to China town. I was really craving rambutans, but I guess they are not in season because I could not find them anywhere! I LOVE rambutans. China town in great because it has lots of fresh produce for sale and usually if you go to the right vender, it's cheeper than the grocery stores. 
Watermelon slush- fresh watermelon chunks, fresh papaya chunks & a tiny bit of liquid sugar. If I would have known beforehand I would have just told him not to add the sugar because it is plenty sweet without it. This was so nice and refreshing though. 

This was what I came away with from China town. I got one dragon fruit, two papaya and some on choi.

This was my yummy veggie burger from The Counter next to Wholefoods. I love their veggie burgers because they are fresh made patties. Mine had pickles, mixed organic greens and grilled onions on it. 

My ingredients to make some fresh pesto. My sister in law was doing pizza night at her house, so I got together what I wanted for my vegan pizza. I settled on tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, spinach and pesto. It was so good!

Vegan Pesto

A huge bunch of fresh basil (this was from my communal herb garden)
Two cloves garlic
1/4-1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup cashews (soaked in water for an hour)

Blend or food process together and then eat!
*I also love adding things like avocado or spinach. Gives it extra smoothness and flavor.
*You can also use really any nut you like. I have used cashews, macadamia nuts and walnuts as well. 

This was the pizza crust I used. This is definitely my favorite frozen crust! I mistakenly thought it was gluten-free and told my sis in law to buy them (as she and my mom in law are gluten free) and it turned out this does contain whole wheat flour. Oops! 

My newest thing I am interested in: Coconut Nectar. Has anyone else tried this yet? I'm not sure what all to do with it, but I am definitely excited about it. Coconut nectar is harvested from the sap of the coconut tree. It doesn't taste like coconut at all though. The closest thing I can kind of compare the flavor to is maple syrup but not as sweet. This is low in sugar so great for diabetics (like my husband and dad). It's great to use as a sweetener in place of sugar. All natural and raw are always the way to go in my book. By the way, those little orange looking things next to it are calamansi. They are very sour like lemons but more sour. I grew up eating them, so I really like them. I used them here with the coconut nectar to make some fresh lemonade, nice and high in vitamin C!

I finally got to stop at my favorite juice spot after being gone for a year. I missed you Robeks! Since I don't have my blender or juicer I have been missing fresh juice a lot. I stopped at Robeks on my way to quarentine and got the ABC, which is Apple, Beet & Carrot.

Here is my Nano rubbing his face against mine from the other side of the cage. I was just about to leave here, but he was begging me to stay so I stayed a little longer. 

Sonic boy just chillin with his favorite big toy. It's funny because pretty much every time I come I bring either a new toy or a treat so he always goes straight for my purse to sniff it out. I feel so bad for the other dogs here in quarentine. A lot of them have absolutely nothing in their kennels. No toys, blankets or anything. I also almost never see any of the other dog owners visiting their dogs. I am there every day of the week!

Have a blessed day everyone and eat your veggies ;)


  1. So much goodness! I especially like the watermelon slush and the suggestion to add soaked cashews in pesto.

    It's so strange that they have to quarantine the pets - do you think some owners don't know they can visit? It's kind of counter-intuitive that you can visit your pet in quarantine... like, that's not the point, but I guess people can't carry the diseases. Do you think it helps in the end to prevent disease? Those are just questions... not really in need of answers.

  2. I would be there every day to visit, too!

    You're so lucky to be living there. It's so gorgeous and fresh produce all the time! What a dream!

    We're having pesto pizza tonight. :) It'll be loaded with artichoke, sundried tomatoes and spinach. So good!

  3. All that beautiful fruit and produce, I agree with Molly; it must like a dream come true for those of us who live in harsher climes.

    Is The Counter the place where you fill in the checklist for what kind of burger you want and get to choose all the fixin's? There's one near us that I've been wanting to try for a while. That is one whopping delicious-looking burger!

    I haven't tried the Coconut Nectar, but tried some of the Coconut Vinegar and was checking out the aminos too. Interesting products.

    I'd have to go see them everyday too! Sonic looks like he's taking it in stride, and glad to see Nano is still on the up and up. I hope the time passes quickly for them to come home!

  4. The ABC drink sounds so refreshing! And man those basil leaves are huge! The dragon fruit also looks super interesting. I think I've only seen those once.
    Like Rose, I'm pretty interested in the Coconut Aminos.
    Also, pickles and grilled onions on a burger sound delicious right now. You are definitely feeding your baby to be some awesome stuff.

  5. Oh, everything looks so fresh and good! Your pets are very fortunate to have you. I would definitely visit my animal friends everyday, too! By the way, I answered your question back at my blog. :-)

  6. Wow, you've been busy! That watermelon slush sounds awesome. I need to buy wome watermelon and try making on of those.
    I've neve seen Coconut Nectar. Sounds interesting though.
    I would be visiting my babies every day too. They would probably have to drag me away. :o) That's so sad about the other animals!

  7. Guess that quarantine situation helps deter people from moving to Hawaii. Is there no rabies or distemper on the island? I do know there are no snakes.


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