Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm back where I belong

Hello friends! I am finally back in Hawaii! So happy to be back too. I have a bunch of pictures to share!

This is my development so far. I am around 3 months pregnant or 12 weeks. I am not positive because I have yet to see a doctor. I have an appointment this weekend though and I am super excited about it. It is with Sacred Arts Healing. Both of their doctors are naturopathic as well as midwives. I have lots of questions, especially about my choice to have an at home water birth. I just want to make sure that they can accommodate. I hope so, because they are the only two midwives really left in Hawaii. I guess not a lot of people are doing natural home births here, who knows? 

I am still having morning sickness, mostly in the morning and night. It helps that it's not all day anymore. I will continue to update you on my beautiful pregnancy experience. 
Question: Have any of you pregnant or already moms drank nettle herb during pregnancy?

Papaya has been a daily thing for me. I love it and missed it in Omaha. Plus, it's suppose to help with morning sickness. Don't know if it works, but I keep eating it anyway. It is so good for you!

I have been eating a lot of organic soy yogurt lately too. The movers have not brought our things yet so I DEARLY miss my BlendTec. I used it every day for many of the things I eat on a normal basis. I miss my smoothies, juices and hummus especially. This picture has organic soy yogurt, organic blueberry granola and kiwi.

Organic soy yogurt, apple bananas, strawberries, blueberries and organic blueberry granola

This is a view from up a mountain hike called Makapu'u Trail.

I went hiking with my husbands family. It was lots of fun! It was very hot though and my back was killing me, but I made it! (My back has been sore because I've been sleeping on a couch until our bed gets here.)

Here I was having lunch in one of my favorite parks with my brother.

Down to Earth avocado sandwich with no sprouts. Let me know if this is wrong moms, but I've read not to eat sprouts while pregnant?

One of the beautiful trees in the park. So tall and magnificent with lots of shade. For those of you familiar with Lord of the Rings, my brother and I were arguing if these trees could possibly be Ents. I think they are at least a hundred years old, but he says that they have to be much older to be Ents. I guess we will never know unless one decides to reveal itself to us.

My favorite flower- Hibiscus

Taro growing in one side of the gardens. Taro is a root vegetable, very prominent in a Hawaiian diet. Taro is kind of hard to grow because it needs a swampy area with constant flowing water.

Lastly, here is Koko. All four of my cats and my dog Sonic are still in the animal quarentine station for 3 more weeks. Two of my cats, Nano and Panther, were not doing well here AT ALL. They wouldn't eat for 10 days! I finally got quarentine to admit them to my vet. Panther had a fever but later that night it went away and he started eating again. Thank God! 

My cat Nano, on the other hand, had to stay at the vet for six days. He would not eat and had a low grade fever. They found that he had a pretty bad hair impaction, which I guess is basically a hair ball that is too big to come out so it tries to come out the other way. So it was stuck and they had to do an enama. I won't go into detail, but it was gross and almost more that my pregnant stomach could take. They thought that might be all he needed to start eating again, but he still wouldn't eat. I had them do blood work and he ended up testing positive for FIV (Feline Aids). Now, it is possible that he does not have FIV and that he was just exposed to the virus. The vet advised I have them send in a second sample to the pros that can tell if its an exposure or if he actually has the virus. I'm still waiting on those results. Just so you know, because my mom was super worried about this too, FIV cannot infect humans only other cats. So my baby is safe. I really hope Nano doesn't have this, but if he does I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Cats with FIV can still live full lives, they just can get really sick towards the end of their lives. 

Well any way, the good news is that he finally ate and was released from the vet back to quarentine. Please pray for my Nano that he will continue to eat and not be so depressed. I know I shouldn't have a favorite, but he is my favorite cat and he's been through so much and deserves to be happy and healthy.

Thanks for reading...I'll be back soon!


  1. So good to hear from you again.

    I love the photographs, esp. the white hibiscus. Sorry to read about your sore back and hope its not too long before you get back to sleeping on a bed.

  2. It's good to hear from you too! Thanks for your concerns. I hope our bed comes in soon :)

  3. Yeah, guess sprouts, at least ones you buy, can be contaminated. Congrats on the pregnacy and WOW you are living in the Food Mecca of the world!

  4. cute bump! so happy for you that you are back home, and hoping you are reunited with all your kitties and your dog soon.

    i was told to avoid sprouts, too. i'm not aware of nettle herb.

  5. So good to see you back and to see that you are doing well! I know you are happy to be back in Hawaii.
    I hate that your babies are in quarentine. I hope you have them home with you soon...I know you are missing them.
    Love all the pics. Hope you get your bed soon so you'll feel better.

  6. it's so great to hear from you again!! congratulations on your little one and also the move back. i feel you are in a wonderful place in life right now! :) and i love the pictures...beautiful.

  7. Hey Carissa,

    So good to hear from you! I've been thinking about you from time to time and wondering whether you were back in Hawaii glad to hear your back there and enjoying your family all the beauty.

    I love all the pics: that tree, the hibiscus, and the taro swamp...all so pretty and interesting; we don't have any of those around here.

    I have to say, that sandwich looks so packed full of avocado and so yummy!

    I'm sending my prayers and good thoughts for Nano. Glad to hear Panther is doing better and hope the weeks pass by quickly so they can all be home with you soon!

  8. I hope your stuff gets back to you soon! Sleeping on the couch sounds like it's really taking its toll, and your poor quarantined animals!

    Good luck with the appointment this weekend.

  9. You're so lucky to get to live there. It's gorgeous!

    That would be so hard to have all of my sweeties in quarantine like that. I hope that Nano's test was just a fluke and that all is well very soon!

  10. Hey!! You're pregnant?! Clearly I've been out of it way too long. My younger sister just found that she's pregnant. Happy to hear that you're safely back in Hawaii :)

    That tree is fantastic!

  11. You sound healthy and happy, all the best.
    I don't know anything about pregnancies but I know Kristen Suzanne's Green Mommy Blog is a really good resource.

  12. I hope everything works out OK for your animals. It must be so hard having them in quarantine, but at least you can visit them.

    It is best to avoid sprouts when you're pregnant because of the bacteria they can carry. More here:

    Take care and aloha!

  13. Congratulations, Carissa!! On your pregnancy and being back in Hawaii! Such a bummer about the shortage of home-birth resources in Hawaii. I am now a birth doula, and home births are actually on the rise, as well as natural births done in a hospital. I hope they work with you and create a birth plan that gives you satisfaction. I pray that you have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

    I didn't know you were trying to go back to Hawaii, but I'm really glad you're there now. It seems that's just where you belong. :-) All the food looks great and healthy too. I hope the little ones recover and join you quickly.

  14. I belong in Hawaii too! Why aren't I there??

  15. Get Skinny- Gotta love Hawaii!

    Sara- Thank you and yes, I really miss them

    Michelle- They only have 11 more days!

    Kim- Thank you thank you/ So happy to be back!

    Rose- So good to hear from you again and I am looking forward to getting back in the loop with what is going on in everyones lives in the blog world. Missed all of you :)

    Jess-Yes I can't wait for my bed back! And yes, my poor babies... :( Only 11 more days...

    Molly- Turns out Nano is positive for FIV. It'll all me ok though. I will just give him the best life I can for as long as his life may be :)

    Cassie- Congrats to your sis too! And no worries, I am so out of the loop too :)

    Maud- Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out.

    Rachel- Thanks for the sprout info! And yes, I miss my animals dearly.

    Blessed mama- I wish you could be here and be my doula! Too bad :( I actually just visited my midwife yesterday for the first time. I really like her! I am just trying to figure out the financial side of things now. The hardest part for me with all of this is that my family is giving me a really hard time about choosing a home birth. Everyone on my husbands side wants me to be at a hospital.

    Shen- Very good question....GET OVER HERE!!!

  16. I'm sorry that people are giving you a hard time about a home birth. I think it is fantastic. I really wanted a home birth with my first...but my husband said let's see how it goes after the first...long story, but now I won't ever get the home birth I wanted.

    I never had nettle, pregnancy or not. And I didn't eat sprouts, either. I agree with FF about the Green Mommy Blog.


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