Sunday, October 25, 2009

Going Shampoo Free

I have been called a hippie many times, and so what! Maybe I am! Anyway, I have been reading articles about going "shampoo free" and was intrigued. Basically what I've found is that shampoo is a detergent. It strips your hair of all the healthy oil your body produces. Most shampoo also has a lot of chemicals. I personally already use an all natural shampoo and did not think that I could get much more natural than I already am. Then I found this shampoo recipe:
1 Tbsp baking soda to
1 cup of water
Shake it up in a bottle and your good to go!

For conditioner you can use:
1 Tbsp apple cidar vinigar to
1 cup of
*This will detangle your hair & restore your natural pH balance.*

Baking soda is such a great thing that seems to be good for everything! I know I use it for everything from cooking to cleaning to litter box to hair, etc.
(I also already use baking soda to brush my teeth!) Just make sure that you buy aluminum free baking soda. Some studies show that aluminum causes alzheimer's. I would ra
ther be safe than sorry, so I use all natural bak
ing soda. You can buy pure baking soda at Whole foods or another place like it near you. I will try going "poo-free" as they call it, and update you on how it goes in a few months or so.


  1. Here's been my experience:
    Days 1-3: Great. Hair felt clean and not "sticky" like my shampoo has been doing.
    Day 4: Clean for a couple hours and then hair gradually became VERY greasy.
    Day 5: Used baking soda mixture ONLY, and left out the apple cider vinegar, to see if it would cut down on the greasiness. Hair felt very dry.
    Day 6: Went back to original method: baking soda all over, apple cider vinegar on lower portion of hair (away from scalp). A couple hours later, MAJOR grease again. Got so grossed out I washed my hair with my old shampoo halfway through the day.
    Day 7: Went back to old shampoo. Noticed that it didn't cause my hair to feel sticky and gross like it was doing before. Decided that for now, I'll be using the two methods together - regular shampoo most days, cleanse with baking soda every once-in-a-while.

  2. Oh man...well, I'm on day 2 so I will let you know if it goes any different for me :) Thanks for letting me know though!!!

  3. hahaha greasyyyy cris


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