Sunday, August 16, 2009

Simon's adoption story

Our little boy got adopted yesterday. His name is Simon. He had a rough life up to this point. He was found on the side of the road, skin & bones, and near death. A nice lady saw him, and picked him up. She brought him home and "fattened him up." Once he was a little healthier, she dropped him off at the Hawaiian Humane Society. She asked them to call her if they could not find a home, and were going to euthanize him. Within a day, what do ya know, they called her back. They said that he tested positive for adult heart worm, and that they were going to euthanize him. 
Just a little side note: The Hawaiian Humane Society's has a $1.64 million contract with the state and could definitely afford to help this dog if they wanted to. Just thought you would like to know that.
Back to my story. So this lady went back down to the humane society, and adopted Simon. She had no intentions to keep him as her own, but just did not want to see him euthanized. In the coming months, she took him to the Kalihi Pet Clinic, where he was treated for heart worm. This cost her over $300, and that was at a discounted rate. Once he was treated for heart worm and pronounced HEART WORM FREE, she contacted me. She said that she heard that I was the founder of a no-kill animal rescue and asked for my help. She said that with her recent daughters death, that taking on this third dog into her life was just too much to handle. I put up ads all over Craigslist and my website in search of the perfect forever home for Simon. I picked up Simon that week. He stayed at my house for a couple weeks, and then went to a new foster home. We were contacted by someone who said they wanted to adopt him! I was so happy, but unfortunately this did not work out. He was returned to me two days later. He was then placed in another foster home. I felt so bad that he had to be shuffled around so much. He was probably wondering, "Why doesn't anyone want to love me?" Yesterday, I got an email from a college student inquiring about Simon. I had her follow procedure and fill out the adoption application. She filled it out right away, and emailed me back. I asked if she was interested in meeting Simon that same day and she said, YES. So I went to pick up Simon from his foster home, and then drove to meet this girl who was interested in him. She talked with Simon and I for quite a while, asking many questions, which I was happy about. She was perfect! Simon wagged his little tail right into her car and life. I drove away sad to see him go, but so happy that he found a wonderful, loving forever home!

If you are looking for your perfect companion for life, please email me at or check out my website at

A funny quote I came across:  
"I wish outer-space guys would conquer Earth and make people their pets, because I'd like to have one of those little basket-beds with my name on it."

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