Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kolohe adopted

Today was a good SCARS day! Kolohe got adopted into his forever home:) He is such a sweet, beautiful little boy. I'm so glad we found him a good home. I'm also glad that I found a pet store here that sells the indoor immunizations. Pet stores usually don't carry them. 

For lunch today I had a vegetable sushi handroll & avocado maki from Aloha Sushi. I also had a Robeks Acai Engergizer, which I LOVE by the way! I like Robeks way better than Jamba Juice. The only thing I will get at Jamba Juice is the fresh Carrot Juice or the Wheat grass shots. Robeks on the other hand has such better smoothies. The acai bowls are great as well!

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