Sunday, August 23, 2009

Food Inc.

08/23: I am just about to leave my house to drive to the other side of the island to watch Food Inc. in theaters. There is only one place on the island that is showing it, so off we go!

08/24: So I watched Food Inc. last night. It was a really good movie! I think everyone should watch it! It basically talked about all the things that the FDA tries to hide from consumers. A lot of America is content with not knowing about where their food comes from. We just trust that what they give us in safe, when it is the complete opposite of safe! For example, corn is fed to cows because it is the cheep easy way, instead of feeding them what they were born to eat, which is grass. Because the cows are fed corn, the cows develop maladies that must be treated with antibiotics (which are passed on to consumers). This has led to the mutation of new strains of the E.coli virus. By the end of the movie I felt totally nauseated. Now I am even MORE conscientious about eating local & organic more often. When it comes out on DVD, I am going to buy it and make everyone watch it.

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