Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What I have been working on...trying to make things I can sell and give away as Christmas presents.

Tinctures I made for my little brother for his birthday. He requested a "dream tincture".

Been spending a lot of time with my babies.

He closed his eyes and turned away when I tried to take this picture.

This is a new friend I found. I was in the car with my mom and saw him on the side of the road in our neighborhood. I jumped out of the car and got him. His name is Morla- like the big turtle in the never ending story. I asked around the neighborhood and no one is claiming him. He has to have belonged to someone at some point though, because we don't have turtle like this in the wild here. 

Here he/she is! Any guesses of what sex you think he/she is? I really want a girl, but I feel like I am having a boy :)


  1. Wow - a turtle! He's kinda cute. How are the other animals reacting to him?

    You look wonderfully pregnant. I didn't know you hair was that long - I love it - it's beautiful.

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I miss my long hair....

    The critters are all so adorable and those acorns are awesome. What great presents!

  3. Baby picture right outside of Whole Foods bodes well :)
    Cool turtle! Are you planning to keep it?

  4. Rachel- honestly the cats dont know about him. I built him a little structure outside. Thanks for the compliments:) ya my hair is pretty long. I'm scared to cut it. It was all tangled up in this picture though cuz it was really windy in the parking lot!

    Molly- . How lOng was your hair before? I haven't had short hair since 6th grade.

    Food feud-Ill probably end up keeping him for now. I'm still trying to see if anyone puts up a missing turtle sign:)

  5. Wow, everything here is awesome. How totally amazing to see the person inside of you. He/she looks perfect. I would want a girl too, but I've heard it said that the mother's intuition about it is often correct. Are you waiting to find out when the time comes?

    Your felt work is so pretty and cute and all your other creations look really cool. I'll buy some. Are you selling on Etsy? Also, I'm very curious about the dream tincture...

    Your kitties are so adorable, great shots! And, so glad you rescued the little tortoise; he's so cute!

  6. Rose- we aren't finding out the sex :) I don't have an etsy yet. Im seeing what sells best first. If you really are interested, my acorns are 3 acorn ornaments for $5. The dream tincture is $10. It is basically a sleep tincture. Once you can sleep well, normally you can remember your dreams better. This tincture contains valerian root, hops flowers, passionflower, lemon balm & chamomile.

  7. What a cute turtle! I'm so glad you saved him!
    Um, I don't know much about babies, but my guess is a girl. :o)
    I never knew your hair was that long...very pretty!

  8. i love the little hand in the ultrasound. so precious.

    your hair is gorgeous! do you use anything special on it?

  9. what a great post! i love the kitties!! and that turtle! oh so cute.

    and you look fantastic!! your hair is beautiful.

    i can't believe how clear the images are these days...i feel like it's a boy too!

  10. You look great! Take care :-)


  11. What an adorable baby pic! Have you checked with your doc about the turtle? Sometimes they carry bacteria that can be harmful, especially to little ones.

  12. Michelle-I'm glad I saved him too, just wish I could get him to eat more! And I hope you are right that it is a girl!

    Sara- That's my favorite part of the ultrasound too :) Nothing special. I just wash it every other day and use natural hair products. I've tried going shampoo free a few times, but it hasn't gone so well for me.

    Kim- Thanks :) I actually went to a 3d/4d ultrasound. My mom and husband paid for it. It was great!

    Vic- Thanks! He's great. Picky though. All I've gotten him to eat so far is a raspberry. And I have offered him EVERYTHING! Including dried crickets!

    Alessandra- Thanks!!

    Blessedmama- No I haven't, but I know they carry salmonella. I had a water turtle for six years before I moved. I've set up a nice home for him outside. I don't know for sure if I will keep him yet. I am just making sure I give his owners long enough to put up signs if they want him back! Thanks for worrying bout me :)

  13. Beautiful Turtle. It was lucky you were driving by.

    I'm guessing from the ultrasound it is a boy.


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