Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby shower & lots of photos to share

Breakfast of oats, soy milk, blueberries, maple syrup & chia with some red raspberry leaf tea.

This was my Thanksgiving meal ordered from Peace Cafe. It was pretty tasty. I really liked their mushroom gravy!

Beeswax candles in baby food jars. These were going to be the party favors at my baby shower, but we decided against it so that it would be a little less work :)

Wool dryer balls I made with leftover wool that my cats got into. These are great! I needle felt them and then added some lavender oil to them. You throw them in the dryer instead of dryer sheets. They work great for softening and help to shorten your dryer time!

Baby Bath Herbs

Mix together:
Organic rose petals
Organic chamomile flowers
Organic ground oats
Lavender flowers (didn't have organic on hand)
Rosemary leaves
Organic calendula/marigold flowers

Store in a glass jar with lid. When ready to use, put some of the mixture in a cheesecloth and tie closed. Add to warm baby bath and enjoy the sweet smelling aroma! I normally add yarrow flowers as well for the antibacterial properties, but I was all out.

Newest hippy pack from my cousin! This hippy pack contained two onesies, dried elderberries, acorns, homemade sweet almond hand cream, amber teething necklace, two used cloth diapers (they were some old ones she was no longer using :) & some Method baby products. Thanks cuz!

Flowers for the centerpieces at my baby shower.

Mermaid coloring sheets with crayons in baby food jars for the kids

Truffles from Ulimana for favors! These are raw & vegan and so tasty!

Homemade necklace from my sis-in-law. So cute!

My beautiful chocolate cake with mint frosting made by my good friend Maciana.

My best friend who threw the shower for me :)

Briana, Maciana & I- all sporting baby bumps. We are due January, February & March :)

My husband and friend Mark 

Lastly, my god daughter, Kalea playing on the playground at the baby shower. 


  1. Your cousin sent you such a nice package and that necklace is gorgeous (so is the cake!)! Looks like a wonderful shower.

  2. All the shower decorations are lovely! I love those candles and really like the idea of the baby bath herbs...they're so pretty too!

    Happy Baby Shower Carissa. You look great!

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  4. What a lovely baby shower!
    What a great care package and I love that necklace! :o)

  5. The shots look great. You're really due soon! How exciting.

  6. Such great, natural ideas! Glad you had a special shower.

  7. You are looking god Carissa! So exciting, and so cute to see all those baby things, the hippy pack is cool as!


  8. beautiful cake! looks like a wonderful shower. you look great!

  9. What a wonderful shower - I love the wool dryer balls. I've never seen these before but I'm looking for them now :)

  10. Love it! :P I like the Dryer Balls they are so colorful--I have to say that my two cats are always getting into my yarn. Just wish they were Wool so I could felt it and use it for a batch of dryer balls!

    Thank you so much for following me on my blog and stopping by :)

    Following your blog back :)

  11. Thank you everyone for the comments and sorry I haven't been around a lot!


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