Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pets & My Anniversary

It seems like everyones anniversary is at the beginning of the year huh? Well, my husband and I just celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary. We celebrated the night before by going to get my favorite type of food, Thai. We tried out a new place called Thai Spice near our house. 

This is the fried tofu that we got as an appetizer. 
Tofu drunken noodles
Sticky rice with a vegetable curry
On the day of our anniversary, we went out for some mexican food at Hectors. I got the vegetarian fajitas. They were pretty tasty. My husband ate the dairy on the plate with rice. They also had jumbo margaritas which were over double the size of one regular margarita. Bingo! 
I was happy to get a picture sent to me on my phone of my turtle I had to leave in Hawaii. Noggin seems to get happy with his new home. He lives in an old bathtub outside so he has lots of space to swim and bask. I miss you Noggin!
Sonic got tired of begging while I was cooking and decided to take a nap.
Alright so...this is what I am attempting at the moment. I am attempting to potty train my cats. I will update you on the progress as I go. I am really hoping this works though, because that would save a lot of money on litter since having four cats is not cheep. My cats are smart though, so I don't see why they wouldn't be able to get this. The only one I am worried about is Panther, because he is naughty sometimes and might start peeing on things. Wish me luck!
Rahjah being cute
Thanks so much for the bandana Molly at Vegan Flower. I love it! Anything that I can have to represent being vegan I love :) Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

PS: I will be posting pictures of the finished kombucha soon!


  1. Happy anniversary Carissa! I love Thai food too, what a treat to go out for two meals!

    I love turtles. Having one in a backyard bathtub sounds great - I'm glad you get photo updates of how he's doing.

    Good luck toilet training the cats. My sister in law was trying to do that. I'm not sure she kept it up, though, but we also haven't discussed it lately.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your anniversary celebration food all looks yummy; those tofu drunken noodles look especially enticing...and speaking of drunken, the huge margarita as the Mexican place sound pretty cool too. :D

    Glad to see Noggin is doing well. It must have been so difficult to leave him, but knowing that he's healthy and happy makes a big difference.

    Good luck with the kitty training. I think some cats can take to it quite naturally, and since yours are so smart, they'll probably do well. It would be nice to save on the kitty litter.

    You look like a model in that bandana... a lovely vegan model. Rad!

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  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I love Thai! That's what I've told my husband that I want eat for my b-day, which is this month.

    I'm so glad Noggin is doing well...he's a cute turtle!

    Oh my...good luck on potty training the cats. I can't wait to hear how that works out. I always joked about training animals to use the toilet, now you can really do look cute in that bandana! :o)

  5. you look HOTTTT in that photo!!!if you dont remember to keep us updated ill be reminding you(about the kitty training:)) thats really cool! id like to know what some of the things you do towards training are. no cats live here but it would be neat to know how thats done!!

    Happy Anniversary to you both. six years is a big deal, we are a few months behind you guys!!

    i LOVE(and so did a few other people) your spamming my spam post:) lol you didnt do it on purpose????

  6. Wow, is that picture of you spectacular! You look great!! I'm glad you like the bandana. :)

    You just made me hungry for Thai food. We haven't had it in a while.....

    Good luck on the Litter Kwitter. I've heard good things about them, so hopefully it'll work well with your kitties.

  7. Happy anniversary! I like the bandana; my husband has a T shirt that looks like a college one except it says "vegan" on it.

    I will be interested to hear how the toilet training goes for the kitties. Do keep us updated.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your dear Husband.

    Beautiful photograph of you with the bandana. Its lovely of Vegan Flower to give you such a thoughful gift.

    I also loved the shot of the turtles. When i was small I had a terapin, made me smile.

  9. Were you smokin' a little Maui Wowie when that photo was taken? Inquiring minds need to know.

  10. Happy anniversary! And I'm very curious to hear more about the toilet training - very interesting!

  11. late post but pls update on the kitty training..thinking about it for my three...

  12. your drunken noodles pic looks so much more sauce-y than all the pics of the recipes i've found online. do you know the ingredients?


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