Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn Eats

Looky looky what I found at Target! I tried it, not bad. I think I will make a pumpkin pie and add this to it. I will give you guys the recipe if it turns out good.
Here is my pumpkin right before it went in the oven for an hour and a half. Fresh pumpkin is so worth the time. It's so much healthier for you fresh as opposed to the canned stuff. I am not sure what I am going to do with this cooked pumpkin yet.
Two organic apples, two large leaves of organic rainbow chard and two tablespoons of chia seeds all blended in the Blendtec.
Dinner last night was oatmeal. The following is what I added to it:

Steal Cut Oats
Almond Milk
Brown Sugar 
Golden Raisins
Dried Elderberries
Vegan Chocolate Chips
Chia Seeds
Maca Powder

It was soooo good. It was like dessert for dinner!

This was dinner tonight. I tried my hand at some African Yam Soup.

African Yam Soup

2 yams- peeled and cubed
1 can chopped organic tomatoes with juice 
1 stick celery
1 onion
4 cloves garlic
1 thai pepper
1 anaheim pepper
2 Tbsp tomato paste
2 Tbsp organic peanut butter
2 cups water
Olive oil
1 bay leaf
Turmeric- to taste
Cumin- to taste
Allspice- to taste
Black pepper
Sea salt

I threw this all in the crock pot on high for about an hour. You can let it cook for 1-2 hours and then just eat as is or you can do what I did and puree it. I pureed it in my Blendtec on the soup setting. Garnish with whatever herbs you like. I used cilantro and basil.

Beer Hair Rinse

Equal parts 
Water & flat beer
Half as much
Apple cider vinegar
(ex: 1 oz water, 1 oz vinegar and about 2 tsp vinegar)
5 drops or so of 
Rosemary essential oil

Mix together everything and put in spray bottle. Spray in hair after shampooing to remove build-up in hair. This is good if you have some extra flat beer lying around. This is hippy to the max!
Lastly, my boy Sonic wanted to show off his new winter sweater. He was giving me a weird look here because I was taking a million pictures of him :) Goodnight all!


  1. Oh, Sonic is so cute all set for the Nebraskan winter!

    I love the look of that yam soup; I'm going to be keeping that recipe for sure.

    If the beer wash can make hair look anything like yours...I'm in! Cute pic of you and your friend.

  2. Aw thanks Rose! And I forgot to add 1 can of garbanzo beans to the recipe as well.

  3. I love how beer makes your hair so shiny. I haven't done that in a long time though. Thanks for that reminder.

    Sonic is soo cute. Have all the animals adjusted to their new home?

    That soup does look yummy!

  4. I'm going to have to try fresh pumpkin before I give up on the pureed stuff in a can. If you have reliable internet, be sure to show us what you do with it!

    I'll also try the beer rinse, maybe. I'll have to see if I can manage to have any leftover beer!

  5. My aunt used to do the beer rinse in her hair when I was little. I haven't thought about that in decades thanks for the reminder.

    I love the facial expression on Sonic. My cats give me similar looks when I am trying to take their pictures. They must think we are nuts. LOL


  6. Wow, it looks like you scored with that milk - yum! And, I've got to try chocolate chips in my oatmeal. I've been seeing it around, and chocolate can only improve -- everything!

  7. Awesome post. You must be the healthiest and shiniest person in Nebraska!

  8. I HAVE to try that Silk...hopefully I can find it somewhere around here!

  9. Oh wow that soup looks sooo good. You have beautiful hair and your dog has quite the fashion sense!

  10. what a great idea, adding the silk to a pumkin pie!! this post coul have easily been made int three! so much fun stuff!i love adding maca to stuff. sort of a malty taste:)ttysoon m

  11. Michelle- No problem! And yes, my animals have pretty much adjusted. Sonic loves it! My cats are still getting the hang of it. The one thing that my Panther is mad about is the the cat grass factor. I need to go get him some. I usually would buy the fresh already made cat grass in Hawaii, but I have yet to find that here.

    Jessica- I am planning on making pumpkin orzo for Thanksgiving with some of the puree, so I will post that! I basically just cooked the pumpkin with the top off for about 2 hours (until soft, and you can poke a hole through with a fork). Then I cut it in sections and took out the seeds and stringy guts. Lastly, I pureed it and froze it!

    Ali- Yes, my mom used to do all those different old school "hippy" things with us as well. My husband just experienced his first potatoes in his socks when he had a fever last night ;)

    Blessed Mama- I LOVE the chocolate in my oatmeal! DO try it.

    Shen-Haha! Thanks! I don't know about healthiest since I have yet to join a gym or start working out at all. I will though. At some point.

    Katrina- You know what, honestly, don't waste your time looking for it. I didn't like it very much. It was pretty plain. They do have a seasonal mint chocolate silk though? You could maybe try that one?

    Rachel-Thank you thank you. Sonic wasn't fond of the sweater at first, but he has no problem with it now.

    Dirty Duck-That's the thing with my posts is that it takes me so long to post sometimes that I have a weeks worth of stuff to share! Haha!

  12. I'm on vacation right now, but I can't wait until I can try out all of these ideas I'm saving up. Someone had made risotto with carrot juice as the boiling "water" to soak it up - and there's making rice with coconut milk. I wonder how this pumpkin milk would be, making rice with that? I think it sounds interesting.

    I get great enjoyment out of dog clothing. :)

  13. You share the greatest ideas! The soup sounds very interesting - mmm. That sweater is too cute. Happy Thanksgiving week and God Bless.

  14. Everything looks great! I have to find that Soynog for Christmas! I cant even imagine how good it must be!

    But for the beer rinse...does it make your hair smell like beer all day?? I think that would remind me too much of college...and not in a fun way! :p

  15. What an exciting post! Especially the green mixture - we finally ordered a Vitamix and I am so excited!!!


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