Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Strawesome Review

Strawesome is an awesome company that makes reusable, stylish glass straws. I don't know about you all, but  I have been trying to eliminate plastic from my daily life more and more now days. Once I discovered Strawesome, I knew I had to check them out!

The lovely Daedra from Strawesome was kind enough to send me a sample 8 inch straw along with a straw cleaner. Coincidentally, I won a drawing for another Strawesome straw around the same time! How lucky could I be? For those of you who have not heard of Strawesome yet, here are a few facts. These straws are hand made from borosilicate glass. They are also guarenteed not to break! If your straw breaks, it will be replaced. Nothing better than satisfaction guaranteed! This is also great news for those of you with kids and little hands that might drop things:) Strawesome straws are sold in sizes 6 inch all the way up to 12 inch.

Why else should I buy a glass straw, you say?
  • Limit you and your families exposure to plastic and the toxins it contains.
  • These straws are hypo-allergenic.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe!
  • These straws will encourage your kids to drink more smoothies & water, because they are just so fun to drink with!

These are my two straws that I received. One is an 8 inch and one a 10 inch. They are so awesome for smoothies. I normally drink smoothies daily, so these are perfect for me. Plus, most of my smoothies are pretty thick because of all the things I add to them including spinach, kale, avocado, bananas, chia seeds, etc. I have come up with a whole new "smoothie system" because of Strawesome. I have a mason jar, which I cut a hole on top just big enough for my straw. Then I just fill the jar up and seal! I don't know if it is just me, but I think the smoothies taste better through a glass straw. I have always preferred glass to plastic. One last thing I have to show you guys is the straw cleaner. 

This will only run you $2 and it is totally worth it. You don't necessarily need it if you use a dishwasher, but I do not and this comes in so handy. Just in case you have anything stuck in your straw that you need to wash out, this is a lifesaver. You HAVE to get this with whatever straw you purchase. Thanks so much Strawesome for allowing me the opportunity to review and talk about this great product. 

Please check out her site STRAWESOME for all the styles you could want! As always, I was not paid for this review and these items were donated to me.


  1. I've heard of these glass straws. I'll bet they make great stocking stuffers!

  2. These sound so cool. I agree, the more we move away from plastics the better is is for environment and for all of us earthlings who live in it.

  3. What a cool product! I was daydreaming about bubble tea the other day, and thinking how the only good way to drink it is with a straw. Then I wondered where to find reusable straws that are fat enough for tapioca pearls to fit through. Thanks for letting me know about this company!

  4. Fantastic! I DEFINITELY have to get some of these!


  5. They're so pretty too! So glad you shared this with us. God's love to you girl.

  6. I used to have some reusable plasticstraws but eventually had to get rid of them because I found them impossible to clean. Glass would of course be more optimal and I'm happy to hear you've found a straw cleaner to keep them at their best. These would definitely make a nice stocking stuffer. Living without such things, I've taken to eating smoothies with a spoon :-p

  7. I have the Dharma glass straws; we love glass straws! I'll be sure to check out this company. And we've only broken one! It rolled onto our concrete floor.

  8. I agree with you Shen & Jill, great stocking stuffer idea!

    Theresa- great idea with the bubble drinks! I will have to try that. These straws seem thick enough for those pearls though. Once I try it I'll let you know unless you beat me to it!

  9. I've noticed these glass straws on other people's blogs, but didn't know what they were until now.

    Look forward to seeing them available in the UK.

  10. Hey Steven,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love these straws! I order them online directly from Strawesome. I haven't seen them in any stores here yet either.

  11. Sorry Steven, that was me. I accidentally didn't sign out my husband.


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