Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Award

Thank you Rose & all others for nominting me for the Happy Award! How sweet of you all:)

Ten things that make me happy:

I had to be sure to do this award before I forgot. As you all know, I have been so in and out lately.

1) The ocean or beach. Everything about it. I love the beautiful blues and greens, the smell, the sound of waves crashing, the sand underneath my feet, the creatures that live inside the ocean and on the beach (especially turtles), how beautiful the sun looks setting over it, just everything!

2) All my furry babies. I could not imagine my life without them. They bring me more joy than I could ever wish for. I love my Sonic, Koko, Nano, P
anther, and Rahjah.

3) Anything organic. Just seeing the word "organic" on a product makes me happy.

4) Coffeeeeeeeeeee or Tea. I love both of them pretty equal so I am categorizing them as one:)

5) Coconuts. Coconut trees, milk, meat, oil, lotion, it doesn't really matter so long as it's coconut.

6) Spending quality time with my husband. That is pretty much essential to any relationship.

7) Listening to my music. It can be in the shower, while driving, or working out. It always makes me happy.

8) Having my own garden.

9) Nature. Sunsets, trees, birds, wildlife, yup I am a hippy.

10) Laughing. I love to laugh. I laugh all the time at everything. Luckily I live with my brother and husband who make me laugh daily.


  1. Great list. I hope you get your fill of the beach when you can, I can only imagine it will be more special now that you are not close.

  2. Love your list. Congrats and thanks for sharing the kitty pic. Seems like someone has adapted to life in Nebraska. ;-)


  3. What a wonderful list. The ocean is truly beautiful and full of so much life! I love turtles too!

    I've been thinking of you this last week or so...glad to hear from you!

    Nano is so adorable.

  4. i can definitely agree with your happy list. the music, the laughter, the coffee, coconut, and nature. very good list :)

  5. Wonderful list. Looks like your kitty could make a happy list too - looks as if he's feeling pretty good.

  6. I am glad that you all like my list :) And my Nano boy is a very happy cat. I love him dearly.

  7. Good list. Lots to be happy about!


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