Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guinea piggin' it

They hung their stockings, and they are now ready for Christmas.

Two pigs chompin away!
(Chippy looks like such a little lion in this pic!)
Pancake using her litter box and Chippy eating dinner :)
I love my piggies.


  1. !!!!!!!!!! love love love so cute. the stockings have me smiling.

    i'm fascinated by your cage--did you get them with that setup, or did you put it together for them? what are the grates? is it a wood box or cardboard? was it bought or home-made?

    also good call on the basket house. bet they love gnawing at it :).

    oh here's an fyi for a cheap snack: go into your yard and cut some grass (make sure no other plants/weeds get in there). wash it. give it to them. ta-da.

  2. Thanks Mar for the grass tip! Ok so, I made the cage :) Out of necessity and lack of cash. It turned out not bad I think! I bought the grates at Walmart. It was called something...playpen I think. It was $10. It's cardboard printer paper box top on the bottom. Then I put plastic cat food mats (2 of them about $1 each) on the bottom of the cardboard so that the pee doesn't absorb into it so much. Then I just lined the playpen around the cage and add your shavings and whatever type of bedding. If you wanted a really long one then you could buy 2 play pens. They love the basket house. It used to be a basket with handles and I just cut them off and cut a hole in it for their entrance. Oh! And I put two really soft socks in the basket house for them to lay on.

    They litter box is cardboard and plastic I think, it's not going to last forever though.


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