Friday, December 18, 2009

Buttered Hot Apple Cider

Since I live in Hawaii, it pretty much never gets cold. That being said, I just wait until it's "winter" season here and pretend. So my husband, sister, brother-in-law and I all gathered around in my little living room to wrap presents, watch Christmas movies, and drink cider.

Here's the recipe I used as best I can remember. I made it virgin for the sake of the children who were there :)

Buttered Hot Apple Cider

Heat together

7 cups organic apple juice


1/3 cup brown sugar (more to taste)

Put these in a tea strainer or cotton tea bag:

Whole Cloves (about 10-15 to taste)

Whole allspice (about 2-3 to taste)

Add 1 cinnamon stick.

Let ingredients simmer until the taste is to your liking. Maybe about 10 minutes. Then add these to each separate mug:

Vegan butter (about 1/2 Tbsp per mug)

Cinnamon stick (1 per mug)

I have this obsession with wanting all the food that I make to be "the best you have ever had". My husband would always talk about how his friend's mom made the best cider ever. So I was determined to top hers. According to my husband, this is now the best he has ever had! Yay, I win!


  1. Hot buttered apple cider, that is a new one one me and one I will try. It often gets cold in Scotland, so I hav emany reasons to try it some time soon.

  2. Definitely try it! It's so tasty!


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