Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A typical day of food during a vegan pregnancy

This weekend my husband and I spent the night in a hotel in Waikiki. He had some conferences for work, so his work paid for two nights in a hotel. SCORE! Although, it's always hard for me being away from my animals overnight. I went to go check on them during the day though just to make sure they still had food and water. They were mad at me. Go figure. The picture above is some fruit my husband brought me while I was still in bed and he was already in the middle of a conference. I've also been trying to read a LOT about vegan babies and children. I am trying to make sure I know everything there is to know. Any good book suggestions? 

Once I got back home I could get back to normal eating without eating out. This is what I had for breakfast. Green juice containing 1 organic green apple, 4 organic carrots, 2 leaves of organic collard greens.
I also had a smoothie for breakfast. This one had 1 cup organic frozen blueberries, 1 cup organic spinach, half an organic avocado, 2 dates, chia seeds & organic spirulina. I change it up and add other things too like Raw protein powder, hemp seeds, maca powder, cacao nibs, etc.

Snack was one organic orange.

Lunch was massaged kale salad with a Bubbies pickle and nutritional yeast. I am not a huge fan of kale in salads but I am getting used to it. It helps if you make massaged kale salad. You just chop up organic kale and massage it with half of the juice of an organic lemon, sea salt and a little olive oil. Once it starts to wilt, you can add a dressing like olive oil, pepper, agave & the juice from the other half of the lemon. Then chop up a Bubbies pickle and sprinkle with nutritional yeast! Enjoy.

For dinner, I had leftover kale salad, baked maple yams & basil quinoa. I also had a small glass of juiced organic carrots, organic collard greens, organic celery & organic apple. I shared some of my juice with my husband, that's why I didn't have much :) To make the maple yams, you just have to chop up an organic washed yam and add pure grade B maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg & coconut oil. Cover and bake at 400 for 30-40 minutes until soft. For the quinoa, I just add quinoa, water, olive oil, salt and basil to a rice cooker and cook like normal rice!

So there it is! A typical pregnant day of eating for a pregnant vegan. I also had some vegan chocolate chips & chips and salsa for dessert that night. That's normal right? 

Sonic relaxing next to me on the couch. Good night all! 
(It's morning time, but I need a nap:)


  1. Awesome! You're eating totally healthfully, and your baby is getting all those good nutrients. Good job!

  2. Sonic is so cute! I agree with blessedmama- you're eating so healthy, and it's so wonderful that you're reading everything you can.

    I don't care for kale raw, so I'll have to try massaging it. Thanks for posting about it!

  3. Glad to see you're getting your Pickles! Any other cravings?

  4. Looks like some very healthy foods! That doggie is too cute! Oh, and Tato, the cat, lives with my friend Jamie. I just get visitation. :)


  5. Good eats! You are eating so healty. I'm about to start juicing more myself.
    Sonic so cute relaxing!

  6. Sounds very healthy. Raw kale sounds very... um... "challenging" to me, but maybe if it's massaged it would be easier for me to eat.

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Baby Greens is a good book, but there's also a great section in Rainbow Green - Live Food Cuisine on babies and pregnancy.

  8. I read another blog where the woman wrote a guide to vegan pregnancy:

    I also know some other bloggers who ate vegan through pregnancy:


    hope that helps!

  9. Oh yay it makes me happy to see someone eating a healthy vegan diet whilst pregnant. When your little healthy bundle arrives you can prove all the nay sayers wrong :-)



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