Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's me...I have returned!

Hey everyone, so sorry for the long absence. I have still been reading your guys blogs, but I've been a combination of busy and lazy lately which is my reasoning for not posting. I am back though! I am working shorter hours this summer so I will have more time on my hands. I am excited for the break, but bummed about the less pay factor. Anyway, Here are some pictures to update you a little.
 Breakfast of peanut butter and mango sandwich while tanning outside

There is a sushi place near my house, and they serve cucumbers in their water. It's good!

I don't remember the names of these sushi, but one had green soy paper wrapped around and other had sun dried tomato paper. Tastiness!

Dinner last night was a chick'n patty with a portobello mushroom cap bun.

This day I was craving a Guam dish, so I ended up modifying chicken keleguen and making tofu keleguen. This contained tofu, coconut, unrippened mango, lemon juice, green onion, thai peppers and salt. This is definitally not for everyone. I personally love it though. I eat it with Guam red rice!

Tofu scramble, fresh made salsa, plantains and pretzel bread

I went to the farmers market on Sunday and found these for my Sonic boy. They only had two vegan ones. Sonic is not vegan, but I try to either make or buy all his treats vegan.

I like this picture. He has such a funny look on his face!

My love :) Adios until next time!


  1. Nice to see you blogging again. :) I'm intrigued by the PB-mango sandwich and tofu keleguen--neither of which I've tried, but they sound good!

  2. Thanks Tiffany! I know, it's been a while.Basically, with the sandwich, I always eat "peanut butter and whatever fruit I have on hand" sandwiches :)

  3. I'm glad you're back! The chickn patty with mushroom looks so awesome. Seriously. And I love putting cucumber in my water, it's like drinking two glasses of water at once.

  4. Hey Carissa!

    Glad you're back! I've been feeling the same way about blogging too, sort of too busy and/or too lazy...still love to read them though!

    All the food looks fantastic! I love the pic of the cucumber in the water and that sushi sounds really cool with the different wrappers.

    The keleguen sounds good to me. I'd love to give it a try! Do you have a recipe for it?

    Sonic is a gorgeous boy as usual.

  5. Glad to see you blogging again :) It's funny because I've actually been the opposite lately! So often I become distracted with other things and have trouble completing entries or forget to take I definitely understand extended absences.

    The food looks good! I'm very intrigued by the sushi papers. I'm not familiar with those flavors, but they sound great.

    Sonic does look funny. Dogs have a way of making vulnerable or embarrassed expressions. It just makes me want to cuddle them :)

  6. Welcome Back Carissa,
    You have been missed.

  7. I'm glad to see you back! That's great that those treats are made of rice flour. It's nice to see something other than wheat. Sonic's such a cutie.

    All of the food looks really good and I think I'd love that Guam dish. I've got to try cucumber in water!

  8. hey carissa, nice to see you again! that cucumber water looks super refreshing. and i am really intrigued by that sushi. sun-dried tomato wrappers? sounds good to me!

  9. I'm thinking I'm never gonna get to Guam. Am I missing a lot?

  10. Welcome back! I like the look of the coloured sushi papers :-)

  11. Bummer on the pay cut - is Nebraska cheaper than Hawaii?

    Looks like good eats, blogging or not. I understand needing a little break :) Good to see you come through the reader!

  12. mmmm!! love that mango and pb breakfast!! so delicious! same with the mushroom&& chikin patty--two of my fave things!

  13. a combination of busy and lazy is the perfect way I could describe why I haven't been blogging, seems like a lot of people have been absent, though; it must be going around!

  14. wow......looks very delicious, but i cant cook this snacks, what a pity!


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