Sunday, April 10, 2011

UliMana Winner & Tincture Recipes

The winner of the UliMana truffles is...........Michelle!!! YAY MICHELLE!!! So email me your address and I'll get those over as soon as it's payday (I'm broke right now :). My email address is scarshelter (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Breakfast was hash browns with lots of catsup and hot sauce and a green juice with bananas, kale, cinnamon and ginger. 
Tinctures I have been working on. I have three tinctures "extracting" right now including Sleep tincture, PMS tincture and Immunity tincture. Would you like to know how to make these? Well, I'll tell you then! To make an alcohol tincture, it is actually very simple.

Alcohol Tincture Instructions:
  1. Fill a quart jar 1/3 to 1/2 full of herbs.
  2. Fill jar to the brim with alcohol. 

*Make sure alcohol is at least 40% alcohol which is 80 proof. I don't recommend anything more than 100 proof because it is pretty strong and burns when drinking. Also, I recommend using organic vodka, but you can really use any plain vodka and if you absolutely don't have any vodka then you can use plain rum*

     3. Keep in dark cool place for two weeks.
     4. After the two weeks, strain vodka/herb tincture through cheesecloth.
     5. Pour into bottles and use! (It can be stored in a dark cool place for approximately 3 years, but usually longer.)

*This method is NOT for children, adults only. I only say that because it contains alcohol.*
*Also, I personally feel that alcohol tinctures work better, faster and they are stronger. That is why I like to make alcohol tinctures as opposed to glycerin.*

Child & Adult friendly method is the following:

Glycerin Tincture Instructions:

  1. Fill crock pot 1/3 full of herbs.
  2. Pour hot water over herbs, mix with spoon until herbs are damp. Do not soak them with water!
  3. Pour vegetable glycerin over herbs until crock pot is full.  

*Make sure that glycerin is FOOD GRADE. You can ask for help in the store if you need to.*
     4.  Heat on low for 3 days. Stir occasionally.
        *This makes a HUGE batch by the way. You can cut down the mixture to make a smaller batch if you want. I like to make big batches though :) *
     5. Always keep an eye on your mixture. If it smells like it is cooking (very strong smelling) or burning, don't worry. Your mixture is not ruined, the process is just sped up. So cut your time down to 2 days instead of 3.
     6. Strain glycerin mixture after 2-3 days while it is still warm. It's easier to pour while warm. 

Here are the herbs I used in the three tinctures above:

Sleep tincture: Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Passionflower, Hops Flowers & Valerian Root.
PMS tincture: Cramp Bark, White Willow, Chamomile, Passionflower & Valerian Root.
Immunity tincture: Peppermint Leaf, Echinacea Root, Elderberries & Rose Hips.

If you aren't interested in buying all the things to make a tincture and just want to buy one from me, then just let me know what type of tincture you need and I can make you one :)

This is all some awesome Thai food I had the other day. I am sure you haven't noticed by now that I LOVE Thai food. 

Here is a picture of my friends hairless cat. She is super friendly!

...and my Panther just chillin.


  1. I adore Thai food. The mango sticky rice is sooooo good!

    Congratulations to Michelle!

  2. LOL it was cool to have another blogger with the same name as me...until now....

    LOVED reading how to make tintures, i didnt know it was so easy! id be buying them from my naturopathic doc for 20 a bottle!..and a teeny bottle at that!

  3. I'm with you Molly! We need to get together and eat thai some time :)

    SORRY MICHELLE!!! I didn't even think about that :( That was mean of me. As for the tinctures, 20$ A BOTTLE???? I'll sell you mine for half that! Haha

  4. Oh, yay! I'm so happy for Michelle!
    I'm really happy you posted about the tinctures too! That's sweet of you to offer to make a mix. Where do you buy your herbs? Online? I'd like to give it a try. Do you then just drink the tincture straight by the spoonful? Or mix it into tea?
    Love the cat pictures! I love my long-haired fuzzy black cat but am eerily intrigued by hairless cats too! Cutie.

  5. lol:) im with FF, could you tell us how you take it? i would go by the dropperful i think?

  6. Hey FF & Michelle, I get it on I love that site! You can either put it by the dropper full under your tongue for a few minutes then swallow or squirt the tincture into a glass of water and drink. The amount depends on the tincture. I usually do 2-3 dropper fulls at a time.

  7. Oh...YAY, I won. I had to go see if it was me or the other MIchelle....ha. I'll email you my address today, so let me know if you don't get it.

    That is so cool that you are making your own tincture's. I may have to try that sometime.

    I'm so jealous of your Thai food. :o) The only place we had to get Thai food just closed. :(

    That hairless cat is so cool looking!

  8. I am excited you won too :) I love making my own tinctures too

  9. In Italy herbalism is used a lot, you can go to many herbalist shops and get a prescription, you can even take your drug prescription and they will make it into a herb one. Or you can buy the herbs and make it at home (we even have alcohol at 90%, purer), but here in New Zealand no pure alcohol, and no herbalists, and hardly any herbs!!!

  10. Thanks for your share experience with us, I like this post, not only it has taught me a lot, but also let me continuous learning everyday. I will visit your new blog post every day, my dear friend.


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